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Fashion Draping

Dressmaking Basics

with Paul Gallo
Fashion Draping
You are an individual; your clothing should be unique. Learn fashion draping from designer Paul Gallo and create your own dress patterns for an unrivaled look.

Take your garment-making skills to the next level. In Paul's class on fashion draping, you’ll learn techniques for creating a classic fitted dress. Stand beside a fashion-world insider as he creates a muslin drape, transfers it to pattern paper and cuts the pattern from fashion fabric. Instructions to sew the dress are included in the class materials. 

If you’ve been yearning to move your fashion inspirations from idea to reality, this class is for you.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Paul Gallo

  • Meet your instructor, Paul, and learn more about your class.


Lesson 2. Preparing the Muslin

  • Paul discusses how to measure and cut your muslin and block it to use for draping.


Lesson 3. Draping the Bodice Front

  • Learn how to drape your muslin on an adjustable dress form to create the front of the bodice. Paul demonstrates how to pin correctly, creating darts and marking seam lines.


Lesson 4. Draping the Back Bodice

  • Finish up the bodice draping by creating pleasing lines on the back, with darts and seam lines marked.


Lesson 5. Draping the Skirt

  • Paul explains how to mark your cross-grain line and drape your muslin for a skirt front and back.


Lesson 6. Truing the Muslin

  • Once you've established a pleasing form for your draped garments, it's important to true up the pieces front and back, establishing the correct seam lines and allowances so you can create your pattern. Paul shows you how!


Lesson 7. Building the Sleeve

  • Sleeves might seam tricky, but Paul walks you through the process of choosing a sleeve-cap shape, checking it on your garment, then altering and notching the sleeve for a perfect fit.


Lesson 8. Checking Your Drape

  • It's time to pin your muslin together and try it on the dress form again for troubleshooting the fit and checking the drape.


Lesson 9. Drafting the Pattern

  • Your muslin pieces are ready to be turned into pattern pieces. Paul explains how to trace out, label and mark the skirt and bodice coponents to draft your paper pattern.


Lesson 10. Cutting Fashion Fabric

  • Bring your pattern to life! With Paul's help, you'll cut out your fashion fabric for skirt and bodice and be ready to sew a beautifully draped garment of your own design!

"Paul explains everything so well, at a nice pace, good basic foundation for draping You can play it over & over again or there is a repeat section if you just missed something. Highly recommend Mr. Gallo's class."
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