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Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist

with Malka Dubrawsky
Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist
In Fabric Patterning With Wax Resist, Malka Dubrawsky teaches the ancient art of batik with a modern spin.

Dye your own custom fabric with organic and geometric patterns. Malka Dubrawsky teaches the ancient art of batik, working with wax resists and creating patterns with tools as diverse as traditional tjaps (stamps), cardboard and even carrots! You'll also learn overdying and discharging techniques that make complex-looking patterns easy to achieve. This class is perfect for anyone interested in dyeing fabric. Beginners, as well as quilters and sewers who want to create unique fabrics, will be able to use these techniques on ready-made clothing or bolts of fabric. Add some fun to your fabric stash today by enrolling in Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Fabric designer Malka Dubrawsky begins by explaining batik and other wax-resist methods.


Lesson 2. Creating Pattern

  • Here are some things you need to know before you start: materials, patterns and where to find inspiration for your fabric designs.


Lesson 3. Space & Dyes

  • Set up your workspace and gather your materials: hot wax, cold-water dyes, fabrics and tools.


Lesson 4. Wax Printing Basics

  • You'll dive into the wax printing process, melting and applying wax and creating stretched fabric and dye baths.


Lesson 5. Printing with Food

  • The tools for pretty patterns are waiting in your kitchen. Pick up a cookie cutter, carve a potato or grab a carrot, head of celery or bell pepper.


Lesson 6. Batik & Found Objects

  • Explore traditional batik tools like the tjanting, plus cardboard stamps and found objects.


Lesson 7. Taking Color Out

  • We've learned how to create color and pattern now we learn how to take color out.


Lesson 8. Finishing Your Fabric

  • Finishing your fabric is the final step before you put it to use. Boil out the wax, rinse, peel and wash the fabric and you're ready to design and sew.


Lesson 9. Adding & Subtracting

  • Malka shows you the different kinds of fabrics you can make, using additive and subtractive techniques to create different color effects.


Lesson 10. Using Dyed Fabrics

  • Malka finishes by showing you some fabric inspirations and projects you can make with your beautiful dyed fabric.

"I loved the class! I've taken a couple of dyeing classes before and this one differs a bit, so it's good to get another perspective. The instructor was clear and made it very easy to understand. I ordered her two books even before I finished the class. Taking classes thru Craftsy makes me really happy - I loved the experience of this class!"
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