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Everyday Thai Cooking

with Nancie McDermott
Everyday Thai Cooking
Turn Thai cooking techniques — and a well-stocked pantry — into fast, healthy and satisfying weeknight meals! Whip up quick curry, easy pad thai, satisfying stir-fry and more.

Join cookbook author and cooking instructor Nancie McDermott as she demystifies the techniques, recipes and ingredients behind Thai cuisine that can be made even when you’re short on time! Get started by perfecting the art of delicious Thai-style rice. Then, learn how to work with southeast Asian aromatics such as fresh lemongrass, wild lime leaves and Thai chilies as you make a crowd-pleasing chicken coconut soup. Master marinades and sauces as you build a chili-garlic sauce for flavorful mini-burgers. Plus, create a quick red curry paste for beef cooked with sweet potatoes, zucchini and peas. You’ll even learn how to cook popular pad thai with shrimp, which is sure to become your newest craving. Finally, unlock the secrets of satisfying stir-fry and satay as you transform tender, marinated chicken into two delicious dishes. 

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Lesson 1. Introduction to Thai Cooking

  • Meet your instructor, cookbook author Nancie McDermott, and learn more about how she came to love and share Thai cooking techniques. Use the following lessons as a reference resource whenever you want to review ingredients or techniques, or to cook a quick and flavorful meal!


Lesson 2. Thai Rice

  • Fluffy rice is the foundation of many Thai meals, soaking up the savory sauces from stir-fries and curries. Nancie explains how jasmine rice came by its name and shows how to prepare it perfectly every time, whether you're making it on the stovetop or in a rice cooker. As a bonus, she demonstrates how to create a favorite Thai snack — crispy rice cakes — using leftover rice.


Lesson 3. Southeast Asian Aromatics

  • Gain a new understanding of the key aromatic ingredients in Thai cooking as Nancie shows how to choose and prepare Asian basil, wild lime leaves, galangal and more. Plus, learn about easy-to-find ingredients that can be substituted in these recipes with good results. Then prepare a quick and satisfying chicken coconut soup, which is sure to become a comforting favorite.


Lesson 4. Curries

  • Red curry paste can be prepared ahead of time and frozen in small amounts whenever you want to whip up a robust beef curry. Learn how to make both the paste (via the super-quick blender method) and the red curry beef for a flavorful meal.


Lesson 5. Marinades & Sauces

  • Create a quick garlic-cilantro-pepper seasoning paste and chili-garlic sauce to use in a variety of dishes, including crowd-pleasing mini-burgers.


Lesson 6. Rice Noodles

  • It's easy to prepare that Thai favorite, pad thai, when you have an understanding of the rice noodles that are its foundation. Nancie discusses how to choose and prepare your noodles, then shows you how to make a quick pad thai at home.


Lesson 7. Stir-Fries

  • Add some sizzle to your weeknight dinners with Nancie's Thai stir-fries! Try chicken with summer squash or beautiful bok choy. For vegetarians, Nancie discusses how to incorporate tofu instead of meat.


Lesson 8. Satay

  • Grilled skewers of marinated chicken, pork or beef are sure to please, especially when dipped into a spicy peanut sauce and accompanied by a cool and tangy cucumber salad. Learn how to make a marinade, sauce and salad with Nancie's expert guidance and spice up your everyday meals.

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