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Embroidering With Ribbon

with Mary Jo Hiney
Embroidering With Ribbon
Create stunning stitches and sophisticated ribbonwork with easy embroidery techniques!

Embrace the twists and turns of ribbon for exquisite results! Get started as expert embroiderer Mary Jo Hiney shows you how to prevent sinking stitches and keep ribbon dimensional, then walks you through several variations of the versatile straight stitch. Next, learn to keep ribbon flat and wide as you embroider a gorgeous garden of lazy daisy stitches. Master loopy stitches for lovely, textural effects, and bring radiant rosettes to life in a variety of sizes. Then, use your new skills to construct a velvet-covered box and frame, complete with ribbonwork, embroidery and beautiful beading.

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Lesson 1. Ribbon Basics

  • Meet your instructor, acclaimed ribbon embroiderer Mary Jo Hiney, as she introduces you to the basics of working with ribbon, including considerations for incorporating various types and widths of ribbon into your projects. Follow along through the creation of many simple stitches before you practice stitching them on the included coneflower design.


Lesson 2. Lazy Daisies

  • Lazy daisies are one of the most essential and beloved embroidery stitches, and Mary Jo shows you how to work them in ribbon, keeping the ribbon flat and wide to enhance their shape. You値l learn how to stitch a basic lazy daisy in addition to learning nearly 10 variations that add diverse textures and aesthetics to your projects. To finish, you値l combine your lazy daisies with pencil violets on a gorgeous design.


Lesson 3. Loopy Stitches

  • Move on to loopy stitches using Mary Jo痴 pro tips to help you along the way. You値l add dimension and fill blank spaces with dimensional stitches that rise up from your fabric. You値l start with the basic loop stitch and work your way through six additional variations, ranging from a knotted loop to a gorgeous dahlia design.


Lesson 4. Classic Ribbon Rosettes

  • Rosettes can be challenging, but you値l transform your frustration into a sense of pride as you learn how to make classic ribbonwork roses and change your ribbon type to create an embroidered rose. You値l also learn how to create leaves and cascading to add another layer to your work!


Lesson 5. Constructing the Rosette Box

  • Apply your gorgeous new stitches to a darling velvet-covered box that incorporates a variety of embroidery stitches. You値l choose and cut your cardboard pieces as Mary Jo explains how to construct your box and wrap it in velvet, assembling a darling container with a Peltex lid that痴 adorned with beautiful rosettes.


Lesson 6. Velvet Frame Front

  • Take your embroidery skills to yet another project as Mary Jo shows you how to start a vintage-style velvet frame to showcase a cherished photo. Use common sewing supplies to create the structure as you pad the frame and wrap it in velvet. Next, you値l learn how to incorporate bead stitching as a special detail before sewing your roses on to complete the finished look.


Lesson 7. Finishing the Velvet Frame

  • Finish your velvet frame front as Mary Jo shares troubleshooting tips to ensure that your project is successful. You値l learn how to construct the back and add a spacer, securing your frame and avoiding any unsightly glue on your delicate velvet. You値l love the finished frame, which you can remake over and over as you customize it any way that you like!

溺ary Jo teaches in a very relaxed manner. Never did I feel stress in following her techniques. Beautiful projects to give as treasured gifts!
avatar - Anne Koop
Idaho Falls

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