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Elements of Design Editing

Machine Embroidery

with Marilyn York Reames
Elements of Design Editing
Enhance your library of embroidery designs with simple alterations that lead to perfect stitches!

Take any embroidery design from good to great with embroidery software expert Marilyn York Reames as your guide! Learn the most common culprits of poorly stitched embroidery and dive into editing tools to transform almost-perfect designs into digitized masterpieces. Learn to resize without losing stitch quality, manipulate stitch sequences and change fills to add texture to any design. Delve into design splitting to isolate desirable elements, then learn to manipulate them to create an adorable border. Find out how to remove and replace design elements to suit your personal style and why and how to add underlays to your designs for pucker-free embroidery. Learn to evaluate and edit embroidery designs to unlock unlimited creative possibilities!

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Lesson 1. Evaluating Designs

  • Get to know your instructor, machine embroidery expert Marilyn York Reames. Then kick off the class by training your eye to evaluate any design in terms of how it was digitized and how it will stitch out on your machine.


Lesson 2. Resizing & Density

  • Follow along as Marilyn shares helpful techniques for changing the size and density of your designs and adjusting stitches. Work with cross-stitch designs, freestanding lace and even satin stitches as you learn which designs are good candidates for resizing and how to maintain stitch quality.


Lesson 3. Elements of a Design

  • What types of stitches should you use for which designs? Marilyn helps demystify this question and many more as she walks you through ways to identify stitch types, starting with basic designs and working up to complex ones. You will discover a new world of stitches that you’ve never tried before!


Lesson 4. Design Splitting

  • Learn how to split a design apart to stitch large designs on a small machine, or isolate part of a design without having to use all of it. Marilyn demonstrates methods to isolate the elements that you want and explains how to delete, duplicate or otherwise modify the designs in the area you want to work with. You’ll finish by personalizing your new design to your own liking!


Lesson 5. Modifying Split Designs

  • Continue to improve upon the skills you learned in the prior lesson as you practice isolating and modifying specific areas of a pre-existing design. You’ll love the freedom of digitally “erasing” and “re-drawing” any area of your design while you build confidence in your editing skills as you go!


Lesson 6. Underlays & Pull Compensation

  • Learn how to identify and use underlay to your advantage with Marilyn’s professional tips to help you along the way. You’ll learn how this basic layer of stitches adds support and structure to your design and how to prevent puckering or rippling as Marilyn breaks down the fundamentals of pull compensation.


Lesson 7. Fancy Fills

  • Finish the class with an exciting exploration of fancy fill stitches. Discover how to completely change the look of your projects with embossed and motif stitches, various shape and contour fills, and even chunky waves. You’ll finish the class bursting with new ideas that you can apply to any design of your choosing!

"I loved this class! Marilyn has so much knowledge to share and helps you understand the reasons behind editing decisions. Tips, examples, explanations and demonstrations of how to accomplish it in the software. She gives you the know-how and confidence to edit designs, pulling them apart, isolating the part you want, how to put them back together in another design. Thank you so much Marilyn!"
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