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Dream Wedding Cakes

with Wendy Kromer
Dream Wedding Cakes
Make wedding cakes that look like they came straight from a bridal magazine. Create three on-trend designs that can be customized for any bride.

Create three breathtaking wedding cakes with decorated designer Wendy Kromer and get tips for adjusting the look and feel to fit your clients' big day. Start with the charming Calico Cake, featuring an alluring arrangement of small floral and graphic stripe patterns on the bottom tiers and bold blooms dotting the top tier. Make the Meringue Hydrangea Cake, whose gorgeous piped hydrangeas cascade down a shimmering pearl backdrop. Finally, go in depth as Wendy guides you step by step through a Lambeth Sampler Cake that pairs an eye-catching two-toned background with the elegance of royal icing roses, miniature grape clusters, draped swags, graceful over-piping and more. Deliver the perfect wedding cake for an unforgettable celebration.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Calico Cake, Flowers & Stripes

  • Meet your instructor, cake designer Wendy Kromer, as she previews the three exquisite cakes you’ll make in this class. Then, get started with the Calico Cake as Wendy shows you how to use fabric as design inspiration and offers tips for cutting, thinning, forming and coloring the delicate five-petal flower that is the heart of this cake. Finally, cut along with Wendy as she creates all the stripes used in the decorative gum paste band.


Lesson 2. Calico Cake, Assembly

  • Complete the Calico Cake as you apply petal dust to mimic a watercolor effect on the bottom of your cake, attach all of the stripes to create the band, hand-pipe the vines and place the flowers. Add royal icing accents and a piped dot border as this dream wedding cake becomes radiant reality.


Lesson 3. Meringue Hydrangea Cake, Piped Flowers

  • Learn the secrets behind making perfect Swiss meringue as you start your next cake, then pick up pointers and advice for piping the hydrangea blossoms. Wendy will show you how to start flat, move to piping on a flower nail and finally how to pipe multiple flowers on a single nail.


Lesson 4. Meringue Hydrangea Cake, Assembly

  • Discover how incorporating risers into your design will give your blossoms the feeling that they’re floating in midair. Then, Wendy offers a road map for doweling this cake and tips for handling the blossoms in a variety of climates. Finally, Wendy demonstrates her method for attaching all of the blossoms you made in Lesson 3 to ensure even — yet random — coverage.


Lesson 5. Lambeth Sampler, Pre-Piped Decorations

  • Wendy walks you through the components of her amazing Lambeth-style cake, then shows you which decorations can be made days — even a month — in advance. Pick up tips for working with royal icing, pipe cones and blossoms and master the art of the classic piped rose as Wendy walks you through every petal.


Lesson 6. Lambeth Sampler, Base Swags

  • Create flawless drop swags, the foundation for professional-looking Lambeth cakes, as you move tier-by-tier through the marking and piping of these essential elements. Then invoke an Old-World feel as you dust your tiers with antique white and learn Wendy’s family secret for keeping tiers from sticking once they’re stacked!


Lesson 7. Lambeth Sampler, Over-Piping & Latticework

  • Grow your piping skills exponentially as you gain confidence building up your over-piped designs. Build out the drop strings you created in the previous lesson and lay down perfectly straight latticework. Add scrolls, rope borders and fleur-de-lis accents.


Lesson 8. Lambeth Sampler, Finishing

  • Your finished cake will be the hit of the reception! Pipe the final elements of this lavish design as you add the topper, a scallop border and attach all of your premade decorations as Wendy offers a plethora of design advice.

"I love this class. ... I wish I had the time to do one of these cakes every week. I took the other Lambeth class and it is by far my favorite type of decorating. I enjoy piping & making structures from icing, and the more classic look to a cake."
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Sacramento, CA

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