Drawing With Colored Pencils

with Lisa Dinhofer

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Class Description

Easily create endless colors and beautifully realistic artwork with this affordable, transportable medium! Artist Lisa Dinhofer guides you through burnishing and blending for seamless surfaces and using solvent to create a soft-focus wash effect. Quickly conquer erasing, scraping and embossing techniques to add texture and dimension to your work and dive into various methods of masking to keep your borders pristine and preserve lifelike highlights.  Harness the full potential of your pencils with a still-life rendering, and establish value and atmospheric depth through strategic placement of warm and cool colors. Explore your creative instincts with colored pencil and gain the confidence to create expressive, exuberant works of art!

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Drawing With Colored Pencils
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Lisa Dinhofer, and learn more about the class. Dinhofer reviews the materials and demonstrates how to transfer the reference grids supplied in your class materials.


Lesson 2. Reference Grids

  • Using six warm colors and six cool colors, Dinhofer shows how you can create a reference grid that will help you understand how your pigments respond to a variety of treatments. Once you've created your own grids, you can refer to them again and again as you expand your portfolio.


Lesson 3. Color Mixing Grid

  • How many different colors can you create with 12 colored pencils, a white pencil and a blender pencil? Dinhofer gets you started with the color-mixing grid and challenges you to fill it completely. You'll gain new appreciation for the medium's versatility.


Lesson 4. Masking, Scraping, Erasing & Embossing

  • Keep your borders pristine and the white of your paper clean – for highlights or later work – by using masking and framing with a variety of techniques. You'll also learn how to use erasing and scraping in your work to fix mistakes or as elements of design, and see how embossing can add texture to your drawing.


Lesson 5. Layering & Washes

  • Dinhofer shows how to layer your colors for depth of color and how to use washes with water-based pencil pigments for a smooth effect.


Lesson 6. Warm & Cool Color Projects

  • Wrap up your new understanding of colored pencil techniques with Dinhofer's warm and cool study – an apple you'll want to pick up from the page and eat!

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Student Projects

Masking Technique by Lisa Dinhofer
  • Photo of Lisa Dinhofer
  • by Lisa Dinhofer
  • Masking Technique
Color Reference Grids by Lisa Dinhofer
  • Photo of Lisa Dinhofer
  • by Lisa Dinhofer
  • Color Reference Grids
Blue Heron by suger902
  • Photo of suger902
  • by suger902
  • Blue Heron
Warm & Cool Exercise by Lisa Dinhofer
  • Photo of Lisa Dinhofer
  • by Lisa Dinhofer
  • Warm & Cool Exercise

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