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Doors for Cabinetry & Fine Furniture

with Robert Spiece
Doors for Cabinetry & Fine Furniture
Showcase your craftsmanship with perfectly fitted doors for cabinetry and fine furniture.

Improve the quality of your cabinetry and fine furniture as you learn how to design, join and properly fit doors. Furniture maker and expert instructor Robert Spiece will review the anatomy of the door and help you to select the right materials for your project. Learn to join and frame your panels, accurately cut mortises and tenons and fine-tune these pieces with hand tools for clean, precise results. Then, create panels for your doors and even form raised panels without a spindle shaper! Properly sand and glue up your door and add texture and visual interest by pinning mortise and tenon detail. Finally, install hinges and learn to expertly fit the doors you’ve worked so hard to create. You’ll even get Robert’s personal picks for door-catch hardware that’s truly at home in fine furniture. 


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Lesson 1. Making Doors for Furniture

  • Meet woodworking instructor and fine-furniture maker Robert Spiece as he gives an overview of what youíll learn in this class. Robert begins with a comprehensive explanation of the anatomy of the door before discussing the design considerations and logistical planning that will go into your project. Finally, youíll learn how to get the most out of your materials as you start to build a framework.


Lesson 2. Frame & Panel Joinery

  • Gain an understanding of joinery terminology and start to create a frame-and-panel door. Youíll cut grooves ó or plows ó into your straight and curved rails with precision as you learn how to create enough room for the panel to fit comfortably within the framework. Using a table saw and Robertís valuable tips, youíll gain a new level of woodworking mastery as you carefully develop each groove.


Lesson 3. Mortises & Tenons

  • Explore the age-old practice of mortise and tenon joinery with Robertís tips for success. Youíll learn multiple methods for cutting mortises with accuracy and making tenons that will fit each of your mortises perfectly. Finally, hand-fit your pieces together to ensure that they are ready as you carefully fine-tune each joined area.


Lesson 4. Panels

  • Learn how to better understand various ways that wood movement relates to framed panels, resulting in a panel thatís fitted exactly the way you want it to in its frame. Robert shares valuable troubleshooting and safety tips as he demonstrates wood movement, shows you how to resaw material for book-matching and demonstrates methods for cutting raised panels using a table saw.


Lesson 5. Finishing Details & Glue Ups

  • Youíll love watching your door coming to completion as you employ various finishing details and learn Robertís tips for creating a sophisticated pinned mortise and tenon design. Finally, youíll learn insider tips for applying glue, assembling the door and clamping the pieces into place to create the finished form.


Lesson 6. Hinging the Doors

  • Now that youíve completed your door, itís time to hinge it! Learn how to fit your finished door into its opening before cutting mortises for a traditional butt hinge that fits on the inside of the door, or a knife hinge, which fits on the top and bottom of the door and allows for a wider opening. Youíll learn about the true value of investing in fine hardware with Robertís careful instruction.


Lesson 7. Finishing Touches

  • Wrap up the class with Robertís tips on how to fit doors, install butt or knife hinges, attach door catches and bumpers, and pin the panels to allow for contracting and expanding of the wood. Robert finishes the class with explanations of various pulls you can attach, and what design considerations you can take into account for each.

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