Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs

with Cookie Gaynor

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If you can dream it, you can embroider it! Cookie Gaynor shows you how to use your embroidery machine software to turn your original designs into a fully-stitched reality. Read More…

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Class Rating

(15 reviews)

DeCoy Tigerpaw
rated 5 stars

Thanks! I did it!

The manual that comes with my digitizing software was so confusing to me. Then I took this class and now have a firm foundation to build upon. I have started the second class. I should have reviewed this earlier, but I got distracted with embroidering.

rated 5 stars

Amazingly helpful!

This is the best class I have ever taken! I have tried at least 2 other classes without results, but after taking only a portion of this class I am digitizing a handwritten recipe. I would love to see more from this instructor, she is fantastic!

Grey Bird Lady
rated 5 stars

Just what I needed

I have PE-Design Next, which Cookie uses a lot in this class. I was extremely frustrated trying to learn the software on my own. Cookie's friendly, straightforward approach made it easy to follow along, and I appreciate that I can go back over any part of any lesson that I didn't grasp the first time (or second or third...) I would love to see Cookie do another class, as a continuation to this one, getting into texturing and other advanced embroidery. Thanks for a great class!

Moon Rabbit
rated 5 stars

Digitising delights

This class was a revelation. Digitising is a complex skill to learn and Cookie Gaynor explains all the steps in a very clear, logical and upbeat way. She shows you what to do then explains why and this is the key to being able to understand why things go wrong and how to correct them yourself. I can now understand and use my manuals better because I can navigate round the software and use many of the tools.
She has a very engaging personality and is a superb teacher. It will whet your ...

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rated 5 stars

Helpful and well taught

This is an excellent beginners class which helped me to make practical use of my software after struggling with the manual on my own. Cookie explains and demonstrates very clearly and has structured the class well, each lesson building on the skills learned in the previous ones. I would like a follow on course to go into greater depth in the facilities of the software not touched on in this course. Very good value course..


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