Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs

with Cookie Gaynor

Photo of Cookie Gaynor

If you can dream it, you can embroider it! Cookie Gaynor shows you how to use your embroidery machine software to turn your original designs into a fully-stitched reality. Read More…

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Class Description

Create the embroidery design of your dreams with Cookie's expert instruction. You’ll learn how to turn your own drawings, digital art and even photos into stitch patterns for your embroidery machine. Cookie uses Bernina and Brother software to demonstrate, but the tools she uses will easily translate to most embroidery machines' software. You'll practice creating and modifying a simple redwork ribbon, then move on to fill shapes. You'll learn about embellishing appliqué with multiple stitch types and try your hand at shaded floral art. Downloadable design files are included for practice!

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Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Cookie Gaynor & Get Started

  • Meet Cookie Gaynor and learn digitizing basics.


Lesson 2. The Running Stitch Tool

  • With Cookie's compassionate instruction, you'll master the running stitch tool.


Lesson 3. Creating a Redwork Design

  • Learn to create a redwork design.


Lesson 4. Stitching Out Redwork

  • Cookie shows you how to stitch out redwork.


Lesson 5. Design a Colorful Appliqué Butterfly

  • Learn to stitch satin step by step and come away with a beautiful butterfly.


Lesson 6. The Creative Fill Stitch

  • Create and fill shapes with stitches as you learn to resize your designs.


Lesson 7. Filling Shapes With the Column Stitch

  • Cookie shows you how effectively use the column stitch.


Lesson 8. Stitching a Floral Shaded Design

  • Digitize buds, leaves and petals before learning to fill and shade the flower center.


Lesson 9. Modifying & Expanding Your Designs

  • Learn to edit your designs with Cookie's expertise and step-by-step instructions.

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Student Projects

Embroidered Baby Socks by Cookie Gaynor
  • Photo of Cookie Gaynor
  • by Cookie Gaynor
  • Embroidered Baby Socks
Butterfly Applique by Cookie Gaynor
  • Photo of Cookie Gaynor
  • by Cookie Gaynor
  • Butterfly Applique
Sleeping Baby Door Hanger by Cookie Gaynor
  • Photo of Cookie Gaynor
  • by Cookie Gaynor
  • Sleeping Baby Door Hanger
Baby Socks by Cookie Gaynor
  • Photo of Cookie Gaynor
  • by Cookie Gaynor
  • Baby Socks

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