Designer Handbag Cakes

with Elisa Strauss

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Have your handbag and eat it too! Let celebrity cake designer Elisa Strauss teach you to sculpt and decorate an unbelievably realistic couture handbag from cake. Read More…

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Class Description

Get a handle on designing handbag cakes, including custom color and texture choices. Sculpt your cake into a fashionable handbag with divots and pleats to form an authentic sense of movement; and create genuine-looking zippers, rivets and buckles from gum paste. Learn new techniques for doweling your cake and applying textured fondant. Develop dynamic sculpting methods; and explore exotic fondant patterns and textures like ostrich, alligator, and giraffe. Make a handbag so cute you could just eat it up.

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Designer Handbag Cakes
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet cake artist Elisa Strauss and learn about the Craftsy platform.


Lesson 2. Cake Template

  • Turn your cake inspiration into a template and learn about time management.


Lesson 3. Color & Texture

  • Learn fundamental color theory and how to achieve fashionable textures.


Lesson 4. Sugar Decorations

  • Create details such as buckles, zippers and handles from gum paste.


Lesson 5. Building the Cake

  • Build your cake tiers using support boards and dowels.


Lesson 6. Sculpting & Spackling

  • Start sculpting and spackling your handbag cake.


Lesson 7. Piecing the Fondant

  • Apply alligator-textured fondant pieces to your cake.


Lesson 8. Adding the Soft Details

  • Add small, soft details like stitching and color dust to your sugar decorations.


Lesson 9. Putting It All Together

  • Paint small metallic details and finish your handbag cake.


Lesson 10. Bonus - Fondant Faux Wood

  • Shape, emboss and paint fondant to look like a wood board.


Lesson 11. Bonus - Distressed Leather

  • Achieve a natural-looking distressed leather texture in your fondant.

“This is probably my favorite class on Craftsy! Elisa is a wonderful teacher who teaches you a ton of techniques and encourages you to try new methods that will produce amazing results. Her instructions are so clear, the materials are great and she is so generous with the tips and tricks she shares. Don't miss this class!!!!!“
- CakeLadyEsq
Southern California

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Student Projects

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