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Cake Decorating
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Delicious Decorations

Chocolate Flowers

with Erin Gardner
Decorate your cakes and treats with chocolate embellishments that taste as amazing as they look. Create beautiful chocolate flowers and trendy cake textures with simple tools.

Make nine varieties of scrumptious, striking chocolate flowers with cake artist Erin Gardner. Temper chocolate with ease for smooth, glossy results. Make flowers without tools: peonies layered with gorgeous color, perfect pansies with realistic details, and more. Work with egg molds to create a simply beautiful tulip, a ruffled parrot tulip and a lovely ranunculus. Use veiners and molds to create textured anemones, dainty stephanotises and a variety of leaves. Bring radiant sunflowers and sweet butterflies to life with surprisingly simple techniques. Plus, create woodgrain or birch textures that offer a rustic cake surface for chocolate flower arrangements. Learn how to make chocolate flowers: Decorate your most impressive, irresistible cakes and treats with these luscious embellishments.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Preparing the Chocolate

  • Meet your instructor, award-winning pastry chef and cake designer Erin Gardner, as she introduces you to the beautiful, delicious flowers you can make using chocolate! Discover what types of chocolate work best, from dark to white, and learn Erin's easy method for tempering to ensure shiny flowers that hold their shape. Then, see how to color white chocolate or candy discs to get the exact color you want.


Lesson 2. No Tools Needed: Peony, Simple Blossom & Pansy


Lesson 3. Flowers Made With Molds: Tulips & Ranunculus


Lesson 4. Using Veiners: Making Anemone, Leaves & Stephanotis


Lesson 5. Combining Methods: Sunflower & Butterflies


Lesson 6. Creating a Cupcake Garden


Lesson 7. Royal Icing Tree Bark

"I love this class! I love the idea of using chocolate for butterflies and flowers. The instructor is really good at teaching simple ways to make very artistic butterflies and I absolutely love both tree bark techniques! They look so real and it's very easy to do."
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