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Decorating in Three Dimensions

with Maggie Austin
Decorating in Three Dimensions
Achieve sophisticated multidimensional sugar work with accessible techniques. Create stained-glass effects, climbing sugar flower arrangements and bas-relief.

Decorate inspired cakes as you learn celebrated designer Maggie Austin's signature techniques for multidimensional sugar work. Create a Stained Glass cake with tips for mimicking the colors and opacity of this beautiful art form before you build a climbing sugar arrangement of forget-me-nots that seems to grow from this vibrant background. Use molds and fondant to build the sculptural Bas-Relief cake with intricate, elegant depth. Then, bring a touch of flair to your bas-relief with two-part cameo molds, as well as dry- and wet-painting techniques. Elevate your sugar flower skills and your bas-relief even further as you make Maggie's signature fantasy peony with its extraordinary interplay of shadows and highlights. Indulge your clients in designs with multiple dimensions of fascinating depth.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. The Stained Glass Cake

  • Meet your instructor, cake artist Maggie Austin, as she previews the two gorgeous cakes you’ll create in this class. Then get started on the Stained Glass cake as you learn how to mix and apply your paint for the base of your stained-glass effect. Finally, define your panes using an edible ink marker and a free-form geometric pattern.


Lesson 2. Stained Glass & Bold Botanical

  • Expand your painting toolkit as you add panes of forget-me-nots, stems and leaves on the top tier of your cake. Learn to paint images right on the cake and then fill in the stained-glass detail. Then, see how to create an entirely different style of cake as you paint along with Maggie to create a bold botanical print using the same techniques!


Lesson 3. Stained Glass Cake: Sugar Forget-Me-Nots

  • Add even more dimension and movement to your cake as Maggie takes you step by step through making the fantasy forget-me-nots that will climb up and around your cake. Gather invaluable tips for creating any sugar flower as Maggie demonstrates the proper technique for creating tissue-thin petals, botanically realistic leaves and delicate painted details.


Lesson 4. Stained Glass Cake: Climbing Arrangement

  • Assemble the dainty forget-me-nots that make up a beautiful climbing arrangement. Learn to wire several blossoms to create a branch full of movement and extension. Finally, solve for the technical difficulties that come with balancing an arrangement of this nature as you attach your forget-me-nots to the cake.


Lesson 5. Bas-Relief Cake

  • Discover the beautiful and subtle bas-relief technique. Maggie offers tips for choosing and preparing molds and fondant and then shows you how to create seamless, all-over designs. Learn to use parts of a mold to fill in gaps and blend pieces so that your bas-relief looks continuous. Finally, witness how versatile this technique is as Maggie showcases a variety of projects big and small featuring bas-relief.


Lesson 6. Variations on Bas-Relief

  • Give your bas-relief pieces a modern twist by highlighting their delicate details with metallics! Maggie demonstrates two techniques for adding shimmer — drybrushing or with paint — and offers tips for working with this lustrous medium. You’ll also learn to use a two-piece mold to add even more dimension and color to your bas-relief work.


Lesson 7. Bas-Relief Cake: Fantasy Sugar Peony

  • Elevate your sugar flower skills as you master Maggie’s show-stopping fantasy peony. You’ll learn more advanced techniques for making gum paste flowers, including creating a center, wiring individual petals and thinning, veining and attaching petals. Maggie offers advice on where to place your flower for maximum impact.

Praise for Maggie Austin's Sugar Berries, Leaves & Blossoms:

"Down to earth, willing to share her knowledge and skills and absolutely no airs about herself. I love Maggie Austin. Extremely talented. I have taken all of her classes so far and cannot wait for more. This class is again very informative and lots to learn from it. I have learned so much from her. She is truly a class apart."
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