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Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet

with Dora Ohrenstein
Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet
Crochet garments with the impeccable fit youíve always wanted! Discover custom pattern alteration techniques as you create a chic Tunisian crochet vest.

Create garments that truly flatter with personalized pattern alterations. Join crochet designer and author Dora Ohrenstein as she demystifies Tunisian crochet and shares accessible techniques for making a flattering vest you’ll adore. Warm up your hook by reviewing the Tunisian simple, knit and slip stitches — the three stitches you’ll need in this class. Then, learn proper methods for accurately measuring your bust, shoulders, waist and more. Dora will show you how to make adjustments to your pattern and flawlessly complete key alterations to your bust width, armhole and often-overlooked shoulder shaping. Finally, leave no curve unattended as you discover simple techniques for flattering your waist and hips before weaving in your ends for a perfectly polished garment. Enjoy showcasing your gorgeous new vest and add these unique stitches to your crochet repertoire today! 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Tunisian Basics

  • Meet your instructor, crochet designer Dora Ohrenstein, and receive a refresher on Tunisian crochet. Refamiliarize yourself with the Tunisian simple and knit stitches, the return pass, and the slip-stitch bind-off, as well as how to decrease and increase stitches. Learn the secret behind counting rows in Tunisian crochet as well as how to approach shoulder shaping.


Lesson 2. Tunisian Tools

  • Dora discusses what types of yarn work best for Tunisian crochet and how yarn and hook choices will affect the fit and drape of your garments. Then, Dora will show you the easiest way to measure gauge and give you tips for hitting it exactly ó and what to do if you donít!


Lesson 3. Measuring for a Perfect Fit

  • Correct measurements are paramount to custom-fit garments. Learn which measurements are the most important and how to account for ease when calculating your precise measurements. Then, use your favorite sweater to adjust the schematic further for a perfect, familiar fit.


Lesson 4. Adjusting the Pattern

  • Itís important to understand how a pattern is written so you know where to increase or decrease stitches to make any pattern custom tailored to your body. Dora will lead you through a tour of your class pattern, a chic vest, and show you where the opportunities for change are in this bottom-up project.


Lesson 5. Custom-Fit Calculations: Bust & Shoulder

  • Now that you understand the pattern, itís time to see how your measurements match up. Discover where ó and how ó to make adjustments as Dora shows you how to combine two sizes if you are smaller (or larger) on top than on the bottom. Youíll also learn how to do the simple calculations behind these adjustments so that you know exactly what changes to make and where to make them on any pattern. Finally, Dora will walk you through the armhole swatch and discuss why it is so important for creating garments that fit you perfectly around the bust and through the shoulder and armhole.


Lesson 6. Custom-Fit Considerations: Waist & Hip

  • Whether you are short-waisted, long-waisted or have an hourglass figure, your crocheted garments are guaranteed to fit with Doraís help! Youíll discover how easy it is to lengthen or shorten your vest or to move the waist shaping. Finally, explore how to account for and add a button band if you decide to make your vest a cardigan.


Lesson 7. Finishing Details

  • Now that you have completed your custom-fit vest, itís time to tackle the finishing details that add polish to any garment. Dora will give you guidance and tips for weaving in ends, blocking and seaming. Finally, sheíll demonstrate how to add a complementary single-crochet edging.

"Thank you for a clearly and fully explained guide to reading and altering patterns. An excellent presentation and inspiring! More please!"
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