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Cooking the Perfect Steak

with Bruce Aidells
Cooking the Perfect Steak
Perfectly cook a variety of steaks and recreate favorite sides and sauces with tips and techniques from America’s meat guru, Bruce Aidells!

Make the most of every steak with essential techniques from  award-winning cookbook author and  founder of Aidells Sausage Company, Bruce Aidells. First, learn how to consider marbling, smell and color when selecting good beef. Then, discover techniques you’ll wonder how you lived without as you cook favorite steak cuts, from rib eye and fillet mignon to porterhouse and skirt steak. Next, Bruce will show you how to get the best results using three key cooking methods: pan-broiling, pan-sautéing and grilling. You’ll even get tips for gauging doneness, so that every bite is perfectly cooked and delicious. Plus, enjoy recipes for classic steakhouse sides, rubs and sauces to complement the steaks you’ll cook in this class. 

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Lesson 1. Steak 101

  • Meet America's meat guru, Bruce Aidells, and dive right into learning about qualities to look for when shopping for a great steak, and which cut to choose.


Lesson 2. Pan-Broiling & Roasting Steak

  • A pan-broiled and roasted steak is perfect for a quick meal for up to four people. Bruce discusses what pans to use, which cuts are best suited for this method, and how to make a flavorful rub to enhance the flavor of your steak.


Lesson 3. Pan-Sautéing Steaks

  • Bruce gets you set to prepare fillet mignon for two, complete with a whiskey-cream pan sauce and elegant side dishes (the recipes are included). Follow along as Bruce guides you through pan-sautéing step by step.


Lesson 4. Grilling Steaks on a Charcoal Grill

  • If you love a smoky, char-grilled steak, get those coals ready! Bruce shares a recipe for a marinade, then shows how to set up your grill with different heat zones for effective cooking. You'll see how to monitor your steak's progress, check for doneness, and slice and serve it when it's ready.


Lesson 5. The Steakhouse Experience at Home

  • Prepare meat the steakhouse way with a gas grill. Learn which cuts work well for this method and how your steak should be placed on the grill and moved between direct and indirect heat as needed. Bruce shares a recipe for compound butter with Spanish chorizo sausage to complement the meat. Place the butter on your steak as it rests, then carve and serve!


Lesson 6. Measuring Doneness

  • Bruce gives you exactly the information you need to judge how your steak is cooked, from very rare to well-done. Learn about the temperature ranges of the meat as it comes off the heat, and how hot it should be after resting. Bruce also shares visual cues such as color and texture. You'll also learn which thermometers work best for the job and how to slice your steak for the best results.


Lesson 7. Knives, Carving & Condiments

  • If you crave steak but have a hamburger budget, Bruce shows how to buy larger roasts and break them down into individual steaks for a more affordable price. And even budget cuts of meat can be turned into small steaks when you know what to look for. Bruce also discusses the importance of the salt you use, complementary condiments, options for steak knives and finally, what to do with leftovers.

"I really enjoyed taking Bruce Aidells' class about cooking the perfect steak. I thought I knew how to grill meat pretty well, but I honestly learned so many techniques that have improved my cooking. I feel much more comfortable buying cuts of meat in the grocery store because I know what to look for and can now distinguish quality meats. Bruce teaches a lot about measuring doneness and how to cook to perfection. I'm confident I will never overcook a steak again! I really enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their cooking skills."
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