Contemporary English Over-Piping

with Ceri DD Griffiths

Photo of Ceri DD Griffiths

Master the art of over-piping! Join Ceri DD Griffiths for classic cushion work, sweeping scrolls and many more exquisite techniques. Read More…

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Class Description

Learn how to make sophisticated cakes that are fit for royalty with royal icing maestro Ceri and his modern take on classic over-piping. Ceri walks you through techniques for sweeping scrolls, beautiful barrels and stacked line work that you can use time and again to wow friends and clients. Pipe darling miniature roses, perfect for finishing cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Make a pastillage dome with over-piped lattice work. And learn to control your icing consistency for impressive results on every project.

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction to Pastillage

  • Meet British royal icing expert Ceri DD Griffiths as he shows you how to make and mold pastillage.


Lesson 2. Introduction to Royal Icing

  • Ceri leads a discussion on the different types of royal icing before showing you how to make beautiful and delicate piped miniature roses.


Lesson 3. The Art of Cushion Work

  • Turn your pastillage dome into a work of art as Ceri shows you how to pipe a cushion, adding layer upon layer of delicate royal icing stringwork.


Lesson 4. Piping the Foundations

  • Create luscious barrels and then dive into line work as you attach and drop strings on the top and side of your cake and layer them to create rich over-piped detail.


Lesson 5. Sweeping Scrolls

  • Add movement and texture to your cake as Ceri shows you the basics of piping scrolls flat before moving to the cake and then adding variations on the theme.


Lesson 6. The Art of Line Work

  • Embellish piped scrolls with over-piped line work as it follows the scrollís sweeping lines.


Lesson 7. Delicate Finishing Touches

  • Finish your piped roses, create delicate leaves and attach both to your cake for a beautiful finishing touch.

"This class was a joy to participate in from start to finish. Ceri is very clear in his instruction and gives some super tips along the way to help ensure each stage is completed successfully."
- louisemur1161291

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Student Projects

Miniature Rose by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Photo of Ceri DD Griffiths
  • by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Miniature Rose
Dome with rose by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Photo of Ceri DD Griffiths
  • by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Dome with rose
Piping detail by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Photo of Ceri DD Griffiths
  • by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Piping detail
Finished cake by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Photo of Ceri DD Griffiths
  • by Ceri DD Griffiths
  • Finished cake

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