Composing Classic Landscapes

with Adam Jones

Photo of Adam Jones

Capture majestic mountain ranges and colorful fall foliage with innovative techniques for spectacular landscape photos. Read More…

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Class Description

Explore the art of landscape photography guided by award-winning photographer Adam Jones, and master focus, exposure and composition for compelling shots of nature’s splendor. Surrounded by the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll learn how to use your RGB and luminance histograms to ensure perfectly-lit photos in fog, sun and flat light. Delve into zoom and telephoto lenses for precise framing of your scene, and discover how to design eye-catching landscape photos that showcase your surroundings and your creativity. Find out why a polarizer is one of the most powerful tools in a photographer's arsenal, and combine it with a density filter to take riveting motion shots of waterfalls. Don’t settle for standard shots––learn the keys behind dramatic compositions that bring landscape photos to life!

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Composing Classic Landscapes
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Elements of Great Landscape Photos

  • Examine some of Adamís most breathtaking photos and discover the elements of design and properties of good landscape photography.


Lesson 2. Settings for Scenery

  • Maximize your camera settings and read your histograms to achieve perfect exposure in your photographs.


Lesson 3. Composing the Landscape

  • Create dynamic and impactful photos by learning to effectively capture line, perspective and color in your compositions.


Lesson 4. Creating Classic Landscapes

  • Examine depth of field and focusing techniques to compose classic, beautiful landscape photos.


Lesson 5. Light on the Landscape

  • Take advantage of any outdoor lighting situation, whether it be harsh midday sunlight or overcast flat light.


Lesson 6. Waterscapes

  • Discover how ISO and shutter speed affect the look of moving water in your photographs and learn to capture brilliant reflections.

"Adam Jones did an excellent job teaching this class. His explanation of techniques and concepts was superb. I learned many new tricks from him during the course. Thanks Adam for doing and outstanding job!"
- jabroyles

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Student Projects

Misty Mountain Range by Adam Jones
  • Photo of Adam Jones
  • by Adam Jones
  • Misty Mountain Range
Early morning landscape by jmkubler82609271
  • Photo of jmkubler82609271
  • by jmkubler82609271
  • Early morning landscape
Early morning at Cades Cove by jmkubler82609271
  • Photo of jmkubler82609271
  • by jmkubler82609271
  • Early morning at Cades Cove
Waterfall Images by sasta24
  • Photo of sasta24
  • by sasta24
  • Waterfall Images

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