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Commercial Photography: Taking Product Photos That Sell

with Chris Grey
Commercial Photography: Taking Product Photos That Sell
Turn your photos into paychecks with shots that showcase products, enhance your portfolio and win clients.

Learn the business and techniques of product photography, guided by industry expert Chris Grey. Discover invaluable tips for successfully finding clients and collaborating with art directors, and create a dynamic portfolio with Chris’ step-by-step guidance through product shot setups. Master a range of strategic lighting designs, and showcase and accentuate the texture, form and detail of flagship products. Use subtle adjustments in modifiers and product position to take a shot from basic to blockbuster, and learn how to shoot reflective products for images that stand out from the pack. Plus, find out how to use post-processing techniques to improve your shots and create the polished, professional look clients want.

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Lesson 1. Building a Business

  • Gain insider tips on how to get clients and create a head-turning portfolio that can pave the road to commercial photography assignments.


Lesson 2. Lighting Primer

  • Dive into an exploration of light, shadow and ways to use modifiers to achieve the look you want. Learn how to use a light meter and set up your studio efficiently and easily.


Lesson 3. Basic & Dramatic Setups

  • Discover dynamic options for setting up and framing your subject and learn how distance, lighting and camera settings can create dramatically different looks.


Lesson 4. Working With Reflections

  • Learn to light reflective objects beautifully, "float" your product, create specific highlights and glows, and approach clients with a chic finished photo that will get you noticed.


Lesson 5. Depth of Field & Texture

  • Learn to shoot a multifaceted product with various lights, textures and reflections while creating a sense of depth, connectedness and drama.


Lesson 6. Make Anything Special

  • Learn to bring typical household items to life. Work with different angles, movement, and lighting as you capture texture, depth and motion in your shoot.


Lesson 7. Post-Processing

  • Now that you've captured the photos you want, it's time to add the final touches in your digital darkroom. Use Adobe Photoshop to accentuate contours, brand names, highlights and much more.

"I've always enjoyed Chris's really great books on photography and was happy to see him here on His course is well done and even professionals with years of experience in other parts of photography can learn valuable lessons from Chris. He is a lighting expert!"
avatar - Kirk Tuck
Austin, Texas

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