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Color Play for Quilters

with Joen Wolfrom
Color Play for Quilters
Learn how prize-winning quilters and top fabric designers create beautiful color combinations, movement, depth and luminosity through fabric.

A best-selling author and creator of The Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Joen will teach you how to make the most of your fabric choices to create the effects you're looking for. Whether you're a traditional quilter, modern quilter or cutting-edge art quilter, you'll improve your skills and sharpen your eye. You'll learn what color is and what it's made of before Joen shows you how to translate your color knowledge to the quilter's medium: fabric. Achieve depth and dimension with colors that advance and recede, add light effects with luminosity and luster with this fun, non-academic approach to color. Bonus: Joen's e-book "Color Play" (a $14.99 value) is included free!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Joen, explore the Craftsy platform and learn about the importance of color in quilting.


Lesson 2. Making a Color Wheel

  • Learn about different color groups, color strata and the 24-step color wheel. Joen offers her insights and shows you new ways to view color.


Lesson 3. Colorful Beginnings

  • Learn to distinguish between pure colors, tints, shades and tones. Joen shows you how to use all of these color variations in your quilting.


Lesson 4. Value

  • Learn to design with high and low values. Joen also explores high contrast and gradation with fabric in mind.


Lesson 5. Visual Color

  • Gather inspiration and audition fabric with Joen's creative examples and helpful tips.


Lesson 6. Color Plans

  • Learn about different color plans, including monochrome, complementary, split complementary and triadic.


Lesson 7. Depth

  • Dive deep into color's potential with Joen as she discusses temperature and atmospheric perspective.


Lesson 8. Luminosity

  • Learn where to find luminosity and use it in fabric. Joen also shows you how to experiment with luminosity and incorporate it into your quilting.


Lesson 9. Luster

  • Learn how to create Luster with Joen's detailed advice and step-by-step instruction.


Lesson 10. Conclusion

  • Consider your cloth combinations and get additional advice from Joen. You'll also learn how to use procrastination.


Lesson 11. Visual Color Bonus

  • Use what you've learned about color by sketching out designs. This helpful bonus tip will get kickstart your creativity.


Lesson 12. Bonus 2 - Depth

  • Joen provides an interesting exercise in atmospheric perspective and discusses depth when it comes to your quilt's background.


Lesson 13. Bonus 3 - Color Blenders

  • Expertly blend colors with Joen's bonus tip!

"Joen's comprehensive course on color is THE best I've ever taken and makes so much more sense that any of the other so-called expertise that costs BIG bucks! Joen, your color wheel and how you teach the various aspects of color are incredible ... I see color differently, I see fabric differently...what a joy to finally understand where browns come from and why some work and others don't with a particular color scheme, for example ... I have begun designing quilts with my new understanding and it's a joyous venture!"
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