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Close-Up Nature Photography: Beyond the Basics

with Adam Jones
Close-Up Nature Photography: Beyond the Basics
Gain the skills and confidence to capture captivating close-up images!

Turn small-scale subjects into stunning shots with expert techniques for composition, lighting and focus. Award-winning photographer Adam Jones gives you the tools to master macro in the field, starting with gear recommendations and affordable substitutes for macro lenses. Learn how to evaluate subjects and create powerful compositions using elements of design. Take control of challenging light with modifiers for masterfully lit images or creative shots. Achieve crystal-clear focus despite limited depth of field and play with perspective with wide-angle and extension tube shots. Unlock the tools you need to take compelling close-up shots of nature’s incredible beauty today!

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Lesson 1. Finding Subjects

  • Meet your instructor, world-renowned photographer Adam Jones, as he helps you take your nature photography to the next level. Learn how to see, isolate and frame your subjects to avoid overall clutter and observe what makes a great subject and what scenes you should avoid.


Lesson 2. Using Natural Light

  • Find out what type of light produces the best images when working on a small scale. Avoid unwanted shadows and show off delicate detail with diffusors, reflectors and fill flash. Adam demonstrates how to capture the colors you see in nature by adjusting white balance. For extra control, he'll show you how to create a custom white balance.


Lesson 3. Setting Up

  • Get tips for setting up your camera and discover the one accessory that will transform your macro photography as Adam offers his advice for buying a tripod. Conquer your worst enemy in close-up photography, wind, with Adam's expert tips and learn the "dangerous" shutter speeds to avoid. Finally, see how embracing your camera's live view can help you focus and compose your photo before you trip the shutter.


Lesson 4. Small Viewpoints

  • Adam shares his philosophy on what makes a good image and lays out the elements to consider when composing photos. Learn where to place your subject in the frame and how secondary elements can complement or detract from your composition.


Lesson 5. Depth of Field in a Small World

  • Explore the creative process as you adjust and play with depth of field. See the strikingly different photos created by changing the aperture as Adam discusses when you might want to shoot for sharpness and when you might want to blur out the background. Finally, discover how to use image-stacking software to put a challenging subject completely into focus.


Lesson 6. Specialized Gear

  • Tour the most widely used lenses in macro photography as Adam offers the pros and cons for each option. He also shares his recommendation if you have to choose just one. Discover the accessories — extension tubes, diopters and teleconverters — that allow you to increase your lens's power, getting you closer to your subject even if you’re standing further away!


Lesson 7. Wide-Angle Close-Ups

  • Tap into your imaginative side and stretch your understanding of intimate landscapes as you add artistic lenses to your gear bag. See how a wide-angle lens puts a tiny object into a world all of its own and observe how a tilt-shift lens allows you to capture views and angles that your tripod can't.

"It is truly motivating to listen to Adam; he talks in a measured way and gives you all the important information in an easily to understand fashion. I'm a beginner who has just purchased my first DSLR camera and macro lens and using what I learned from him was able to shoot beautiful pics of flowers and insects. Feeling very motivated to keep learning more. I would gladly give him 10 starts if I could!!"
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Canberra, Australia

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