Classic Croissants at Home

with Colette Christian

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A flaky croissant fresh from the oven! Pastry chef Colette Christian will teach you how to create these buttery pastries in your own kitchen. Read More…

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Class Description

Some believe authentic, delicious croissants are only found in Paris. Au contraire! Seasoned pastry instructor Colette Christian will teach you how to create buttery, layered French pastries from your own kitchen. Learn to mix, shape and proof your butter-locked dough, then bake it into exquisite croissants, pain au chocolat and savory pastries filled with ham and swiss or spinach and feta. By the end of the course, not only will you understand French terms like mise en place and detrempe, you'll also learn Colette's pastry chef secrets that will advance your baking skills as you learn different approaches to the croissant craft. Enroll now in Classic Croissants at Home and enjoy baking delicious croissants. Bon appetit!

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Classic Croissants at Home
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor and learn how to use the Craftsy platform.


Lesson 2. Supplies

  • Go over the tools you need and the ingredients to make some scrumptious croissants.


Lesson 3. Making the Butter Block

  • Learn how to set up your cooking area and make a butter block.


Lesson 4. Making the Dough

  • Get a grip on making and handling your dough.


Lesson 5. Locking in the Butter

  • Get important information about how climate affects your croissants, learn how to roll out the down, fold over techniques and locking in your butter.


Lesson 6. Turning

  • Turn your croissants - one, two, three times - to create a perfect pastry.


Lesson 7. Shaping the Dough

  • Shape, trim and roll out your dough like a pro with Colette's detailed instruction.


Lesson 8. The Chocolate Croissant

  • Get a taste of dessert and learn how to make a delicious chocolate croissant.


Lesson 9. Savory Shaping

  • Create savory croissants that include ham and swiss or spinach and feta.


Lesson 10. Proofing the Croissants

  • Learn how to proof your croissants and enjoy a recap on your recipes.


Lesson 11. Baking the Croissants

  • Time to bake! Prep your oven and your croissants with step-by-step guidance.


Lesson 12. Garnishing Chocolate Croissants

  • Choose from a myriad of delicious garnishes.


Lesson 13. Pastry Chef Secrets 1

  • Master the art of using a dough whisk.


Lesson 14. Pastry Chef Secrets 2

  • Enjoy making a handmade butter block.


Lesson 15. Pastry Chef Secrets 3

  • Get all the information you need about specialized tools to create tasty pastries.


Lesson 16. Pastry Chef Secrets 4

  • Don't let anything go to waste! Get tips on how to use your scraps and make delicious mini chocolate croissants.

"This is a MUST take class! I was amazed how wonderfully delicious my croissants were on the first try and that is due to Colette's excellent instruction. Thank you! Thank you!"
- vfurlong1015658

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