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Brilliant Knit Beads

with Betsy Hershberg
Brilliant Knit Beads
Author and self-described "left-brained knitter" Betsy Hershberg shows you how to knit unique jewelry pieces from glittering seed beads and delicious yarns.

Betsy Hershberg, author of Betsy Beads: Confessions of a Left-Brained Knitter, discovered the adventurous artist inside her ... and you will too. In Brilliant Knit Beads, Betsy shows you how to turn simple 2-D swatches into sparkling, one-of-a-kind beads and necklaces, read charts and master knitting on a small scale. You'll learn how to choose the perfect fibers and beads, two easy techniques for knitting pre-strung beads between and onto stitches, and four different kinds of knitted, beaded "wrappers." Betsy's techniques are perfect for skilled knitters or ambitious beginners. You'll pick up lots of innovative techniques that you can use in other knitting projects, including the provisional crocheted cast-on, the Kitchener graft and the zipper graft, which creates a seamless join for bead-knit fabric. Unclasp your creativity and design an infinite array of beads and jewelry!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Betsy Hershberg and hear about her creative journey. Get a preview of the techniques and projects you'll encounter in this class.


Lesson 2. Yarns & Beads

  • Betsy details all of the supplies you'll need for this class, including her favorite fibers, tools and sources for yarn, beads and findings.


Lesson 3. Bead Stringing & Chart Reading

  • Learn the basics of stringing beads and reading charts. Betsy shows you how to double-check your work and fix mistakes right away.


Lesson 4. Sliding Beads Between Stitches

  • Betsy demonstrates several different ways to move your beads into position between knitted stitches. Diagrams for these patterns are in your downloadable materials.


Lesson 5. Plain Knitted Bead

  • Betsy shows you how to make the basic knitted bead, including hints on getting gauge, the provisional cast-on and how to use the Kitchener graft to finish your bead.


Lesson 6. Bead Knitted Bead

  • Knit a bead with beads! Add sparkle and shine with seed beads. You'll learn how to choose the right beads and incorporate them into your knitting.


Lesson 7. Beads Knit on Stitches

  • Another approach to beads on beads. Betsy shows you how to integrate your beads into the knitted fabric.


Lesson 8. Tubular Wrapper

  • Learn to knit beads in the round. Betsy shows you step-by-step how to determine gauge and how to work both left-slanted and right-slanted stitches in a tubular wrap.


Lesson 9. Project Applications

  • Let's have fun with all the things you can do with your beautiful knitted beads. You'll learn how to string them, attach a clasp and incorporate other materials such as stones, glass and resin beads into your jewelry.


Lesson 10. Bonus

  • As a bonus, Betsy teaches the sinuous Python necklace!

"Betsy presents the materials, techniques, and projects in a clear and well paced manner. She is engaging and easy to listen to. I have had the book and made several projects before taking this class and I feel like I have met Betsy through the class. I have taken knitting classes in person many times and the Craftsy experience is equally good."
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