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Boudoir Photography

Flattering the Female Form

with Jennifer Rozenbaum
Boudoir Photography
Create a boudoir experience that makes your client feel comfortable, confident and beautiful!

Capture gorgeous images that celebrate your client’s sensuality with professional photographer Jennifer Rozenbaum as your guide. Learn how to collaborate with your client to develop a styling concept, and discover flattering wardrobe and makeup recommendations to match. Master lighting for boudoir photography with simple setups that complement three photo-shoot themes: sexy, romantic and edgy. Empower your client in front of the camera with poses that emphasize her favorite assets and minimize problem areas. Discover expert image selection and editing tips, plus a three-step action plan to help you jump-start your own boudoir business!

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Lesson 1. What Is Boudoir?

  • Meet your instructor, acclaimed boudoir photographer Jennifer Rozenbaum, as she introduces you to the rewarding world of boudoir photography, where, as Jennifer says, “all women can celebrate their unique femininity shamelessly.” Jennifer coaches you through the aspects of a successful boudoir shoot and identifies what to avoid so that you can build confidence in this rapidly growing industry.


Lesson 2. Getting to Know Your Client

  • Sexy photos require your client to feel comfortable with her body and with you. Learn to boost her confidence and build trust as Jennifer offers advice for forging a relationship. She shares the questions she always asks her clients before a shoot and offers guidance on how to communicate with a client to ensure everyone has the same vision.


Lesson 3. Makeup, Lingerie & Location

  • Explore what types of lingerie flatter women’s bodies and look beautiful in photographs. Then, see how makeup can set the tone as you observe three models adopt a different look: sexy, romantic and edgy. Finally, discover what locations work for various looks and how you don’t need a lot of space or fancy equipment to take stunning intimate photos.


Lesson 4. The Sexy Shoot

  • Travel along with Jennifer on her first of three photo shoots. See what makes a sexy shoot unique and how to avoid common challenges. Jennifer previews her lenses and simple setup. She offers incredibly detailed instruction for posing subjects on their back, stomach or knees. You won’t believe how just the bend of an elbow or tilt of the head will flatter your client and transform a photo.


Lesson 5. The Romantic Shoot

  • In her second shoot, Jennifer heads outside and offers tips for using natural light to capture the beauty of the human form. See how poses for romantic shoots differ from sexy ones as you play with subtlety and mood. Learn to take beautiful headshots, then heighten the romantic mood as you learn to create simple, soft filters using a bit of fabric or even a plastic bag.


Lesson 6. The Edgy Shoot

  • Discover the dramatic lighting you’ll want to employ to create edgy photos that capture your client’s confidence and power. Throughout her final shoot, Jennifer offers styling, lighting and location tips and shows you how to freeze the moment to capture active poses your clients will flip for. Finally, witness the powerful photos you can take when you break the rules and stretch your artistic limits.


Lesson 7. Finishing Images & Starting Your Business

  • Strengthen your editing skills as Jennifer shares the five elements she looks for in every photo. Then, see how some simple, light post-processing work can help put your client’s best face forward. Finally, gather tips for starting and building your own boudoir business as Jennifer offers guidance for finding clients and creating positive boudoir experiences.

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