Big Embroidery With a Small Hoop

with Lisa Shaw

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Discover innovative techniques that expand your machine embroidery area and demystify alignment and multi-hoop projects! Read More…

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Class Description

Think (and stitch) outside the hoop with embroidery expert Lisa Shaw as your guide. Get started with a charming felt purse as you learn how to embellish a blank purse with an all-over design, regardless of hoop size. Discover tips for aligning templates, and delve into multi-hooping to adorn a plush towel with a three-part design. Dress up a denim shirt with organic designs as Lisa introduces you to her secret weapon, a trick that practically auto-aligns templates for you! You’ll also learn to use embroidery software to add alignment lines to any file and build on new skills to make an adorable tech case, extra-large embroidery and even a freestanding continuous lace border. Never be limited by your hoop size again. Learn insider tips and tricks that will take your embroidery as far as your imagination desires! 

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Big Embroidery With a Small Hoop
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Thinking Outside the Hoop

  • Meet your instructor, embroidery expert Lisa Shaw. You’ll jump right into your first project as you embroider embellishments for a felt purse without having to use templates.


Lesson 2. Going Bigger With Templates

  • Pick up user-friendly tips on ways to create big designs with the help of templates as Lisa walks you through the creation of an embroidered towel. You’ll align, hoop and embroider a split design with text through the middle – perfect for creating a towel that reminds your guests to “relax”!


Lesson 3. Precise Template Layout

  • Challenge your creative side as you work with alternative design orientations. Lisa illustrates how to use templates to embellish the sleeves and collar of a denim shirt, demonstrating centering, hooping and embroidering tips that can be used on a variety of fabrics.


Lesson 4. Using Alignment Lines

  • Stitch a large embroidery design that's split in four parts. Lisa will show you how to align each section perfectly without using specialty tools. You’ll finish this lesson with a fabric case for a tablet or laptop that will stand out from the crowd with a bold floral flourish!


Lesson 5. Advanced Alignment

  • Prepare to take your hoop work from big to bigger as you translate a design onto a large surface. Align horizontal and vertical designs with precision and use your small hoop six times to create a symmetrical, seamless design. This lesson allows you to translate the smaller design from Lesson 4 into any large project of your choosing!


Lesson 6. Creating Continuous Lace

  • Work with continuous borders as you learn how to use rehooping methods, matching top and bobbin threads and stabilizer to create a dazzling continuous-lace design. Use your freestanding design as a refining touch on home décor projects, purse straps, pillowcases and more.


Lesson 7. Perfecting Alignment With Software

  • Finish the class with an exploration of how to use embroidery software to create your own large designs for small hoop sizes. Lisa shares insider tips on alignment, duplicating designs, stitching advice and troubleshooting tips for future projects.

"This class makes a 4 x 4 hoop limitless in scope! I have even purchased DVDs on splitting designs. They made it sound so complicated I never even tried. This class makes it EZ PZ! Can't wait to try it out. Many many thanks."
- pitpoodles

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Student Projects

First time ever. by Lioudmila
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  • by Lioudmila
  • First time ever.
Embroidered Hand Towel by LisaShaw
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  • Embroidered Hand Towel
It was a skirt - now it's a purse! by LisaShaw
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  • by LisaShaw
  • It was a skirt - now it's a purse!
Subdued Embellished Purse by LisaShaw
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  • by LisaShaw
  • Subdued Embellished Purse

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