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Beautiful Bridal Portraits

with Kathryn Krueger
Beautiful Bridal Portraits
Learn posing and lighting techniques to make every bride look her very best!

Master the bridal portrait session with expert guidance from award-winning wedding photographer Kathryn Krueger! Develop a go-to shot list that will please every style preference and learn how to find stunning light no matter the time or location. Master in-demand detail shots with Kathryn’s inspiring lighting, lens and composition tips and find out how to help even the shyest bride pose beautifully. Learn the best practices for creating gorgeous portraits outdoors and indoors, and how to properly expose for challenging environments. Kathryn also reveals marketing and branding insights, including the portrait session pitch that no bride can turn down!

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Lesson 1. Preparing for Your Session

  • Meet your instructor, wedding photographer Kathryn Krueger, as she shares how she prepares for her bridal portrait sessions. Then, get a tour of Kathryn’s bag as she discusses lighting and lens choices before she shares her “must-have” shot list for every portrait session.


Lesson 2. The Ideal Location

  • Learn how to find environments that work for your bride and discover why certain locations don’t work for every bride — or every dress! Kathryn will share what she looks for in a location and how she goes about scouting. Finally, Kathryn will show you how to compose for all types of light, from midday to sunsets, and from direct light to shade.


Lesson 3. Shooting the Dress & Veil

  • Often the biggest decision a bride makes during the planning of the wedding is her dress. Learn how to capture all of its beauty and details. Kathryn advises you on the best ways to showcase it in action before giving detailed instructions for shooting veils, bouquets and more!


Lesson 4. Posing the Bride

  • Learn how to build trust with your bride throughout the portrait session as Kathryn offers a wealth of pointers for gently coaching your bride into position. Learn to assess a bride’s comfort level when it comes to posing and the best ways to communicate with her. Then, uncover the most flattering poses for any bride and the subtle changes you can make to turn a calamity into a classic.


Lesson 5. Shooting Outdoors

  • Working with natural light is incredibly rewarding and will differentiate you from the competition. Kathryn offers advice and professional tips for working with backlighting, direct light and shade. She’ll teach you the best ways to add bokeh to a photo. Master the art of the silhouette as you learn what makes a strong image and what to watch out for when capturing the bride in profile. Finally, learn how to work with some of the most limited —and most rewarding —light that's only found during the golden and blue hours.


Lesson 6. Shooting Indoors

  • Move indoors as Kathryn shows you that natural light is still all around you. Gain confidence incorporating interesting architectural details into your photos, from light fixtures to structural design elements, as Kathryn walks you through composition, scale and exposure. Learn when you may want to add fill light and discover how to harness dramatic light to create poignant photos.


Lesson 7. The Business of the Bridal Session

  • Gain an understanding of how to market and price bridal sessions. Kathryn leads a candid discussion of what she charges and offers tips for increasing back-end print orders. Wrap up your class with a tour Kathryn’s website and discover all of the things you can do to strengthen your brand.

"Fabulous teacher. I couldn't get enough of Kathryn Krueger! She knows her stuff! I really admire her style and she is a wonderful teacher. I wish there were more lessons from her! I recommend this video class to anyone who wants to do portraits of any kind."
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