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Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote

with Nancy Cain
Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote
Shape up your jewelry-making skills and move beyond flat peyote to add sculptural drama to your beadwork with Nancy Cain's expert instruction.

Nancy stitches her way through the creation of a basic channel bead, working with larger beads for easy viewing. You'll be able to stitch right alongside using more traditional beads. Once you've mastered building circular walls and embellishing your beads with crystals, you'll move on to the square beads, and learn how to join your squares with loops and clasps to make a stunning bracelet. Finally, Nancy demonstrates how to create triangular peyote-stitch beads, embellish them with beaded fringe and add bails and earring wires to create eye-catching jewelry pieces that will be admired by all.

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Lesson 1. Shaped Peyote Basics

  • Meet your instructor, Nancy Cain, as she introduces you to shaped peyote. Learn about the importance of thread selection and some of the most common problems you will face, and how to fix them.


Lesson 2. Creating Walls

  • Learn how to create walls, the cornerstone of shaped peyote. Nancy will lead you step by step through the process of building your wall, stitching in the ditch and zippering the walls for perfect tension.


Lesson 3. Embellishing

  • Make your designs shine as you learn how to embellish using crystals and create the three-bead picot.


Lesson 4. Making a Square

  • Expand your shaped peyote skills by turning your circles into squares. Learn how to build a square, remove unwanted beads, stitch in the ditch and zipper for tight corners.


Lesson 5. Creating a Bracelet

  • Build out your jewelry box as you learn to embellish your square design, size your bracelet and add a clasp.


Lesson 6. Triangular Variations

  • Your shaped peyote education continues as you learn the triangular variation to this technique. Learn how to add crystals, make a bail and even create fringe. Also, learn how to add earring wires to make dangling works of art.


Lesson 7. Design Variations

  • Now that you've mastered shaped peyote, it's time to learn where you can take it in your own designs. Nancy discusses how to work with various bead sizes and shapes and how to incorporate color into your designs.


Lesson 8. Bonus: Flat Peyote Stitch

  • Nancy takes you back to the beginning, teaching you the essential peyote flat stitch. Perfect for novices or those needing a refresher, once you master this stitch, you'll be ready for the rest of Nancy's techniques!

"Nancy is a superb teacher. Her teaching style is very relaxed, warm, inviting and encouraging. She clearly enjoys sharing her love of the art of beading. She is very well organized and demonstrates techniques so that they are clear and easy to follow. I also appreciate all the tips she shares with you. She also encourages you to try different variations of the project. ... The lighting, camera angles, sound and close-up shots makes this an awesome video! I know I will refer to this video many times. ... I agree with another reviewer that this is better than a front-row seat!"
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