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Bead Stitching: Right-Angle Weave

with Barb Switzer
Bead Stitching: Right-Angle Weave
Learn how to make beaded jewelry with designer Barb Switzer, using a versatile beading stitch to produce ornate and gorgeous works of art.

Right-angle weave can look complicated, but it starts with a straightforward series of stitches to which beautiful embellishments are added. Follow along with Barb to master the foundations of this stunning stitch, starting with the basic weave, then moving on to two-drop right-angle weave. You'll make lovely bangles and bracelets along the way! You'll also learn tubular right-angle weave that's perfect for necklaces, and cubic stitching to create elegant, geometric beaded beads. Turn a handful of beads into an array of dazzling jewelry!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Right-Angle Weave Basics

  • Meet your instructor, Barb Switzer, before learning about the tools and supplies she recommends. Then create a traditional right-angle weave stitch, working with beads and thread lengths that will set you up for success.


Lesson 2. Bangle Bracelet

  • Working from the basic stitch base you learned in the first lesson, you'll learn how to turn the corner, complete a third row and create a beautiful bangle, in addition to troubleshooting sizing and thread tension challenges along the way.


Lesson 3. Embellishing

  • Add embellishments to your basic stitching as you build upon your new skills. You'll practice turning corners and correcting issues with tension as you add gorgeous complimentary elements to your jewelry.


Lesson 4. Adding a Clasp

  • Now that you've mastered completing your rows and weaving in the ends, Barb walks you through clasp options to finish your bracelet. Incorporate a manufactured clasp or make your own bead and loop clasp for a customized look.


Lesson 5. Two-Drop Right-Angle Weave

  • Add more variety to your right angle weave as you incorporate larger stones and more elaborate embellishments. You'll learn how to work through a long row of two-drop right-angle weave with Barb's help before attaching the ends, embellishing the edges and weaving in the threads.


Lesson 6. Tubular Right-Angle Weave

  • Ready to create more complexity and dimension? Learn how to make tubular bracelets using a combination of basic and two-drop right-angle weave. You'll use varied bead counts and create a "rope" form that adds a gorgeous new look to your lineup.


Lesson 7. Cubic Right-Angle Weave

  • Finish the class with a gorgeous chunky embellished look called the cubic right-angle weave technique! Barb explains key steps before demonstrating a variety of projects and embellishments you can choose from.

"I found it easy to follow along and the camera angles were easy enough to see. I loved the different ways to embellish as well as the different ideas to create different projects. I am beginning to be a right-angle weave convert!"
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