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Artistic Marquetry Techniques

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Artistic Marquetry Techniques
Set your projects apart with marquetry and parquetry techniques. Create pictorial and patterned elements that amaze, with award-winning woodworker Rich Gady!

Advance your woodworking projects with beautiful detail and impressive marquetry techniques. Award-winning woodworker and professional instructor Rich Gady will share essential techniques for marquetry and parquetry as you learn to choose a design, select appropriate wood and even use the right cutting tool for your project. Find out how to change the tone of your piece and achieve an alluring 3-D effect using sand shading. Then, learn how to cut stunning geometric shapes like diamonds, hexagons and Louis cubes. Get helpful techniques for assembling, vacuum pressing and gluing your pieces together. Finally, sand and oil your piece to make it ready for a finish of your choice. Plus, Rich will show you how to troubleshoot common marquetry, parquetry and veneer problems for projects that are heavy on satisfaction — not frustration!

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Lesson 1. Design

  • Meet your instructor, marquetry artist Rich Gady, and learn about the difference between marquetry and parquetry, then choose a photo that will be the basis for your design. You'll consider image qualities such tonal values and types of shapes that will translate well into marquetry. Rich also explains the order of assembly for marquetry pieces.


Lesson 2. Selecting Veneers

  • Rich walks you through choosing the right veneer for each part of your composition. You'll select veneers of a similar thickness, then consider color and grain type. See how Rich auditions a variety of wood types for the components of a farm scene — sky, barn roof, brick silo, grass, fence posts — before he begins transferring his design lines to the veneers he's chosen.


Lesson 3. Cutting Veneers

  • With your design lines transferred to the veneer, it's time to cut. Rich discusses the variety of hand tools you can use and demonstrates how to cut small veneer pieces to size. If you prefer power tools for the larger pieces, you'll get pointers for scroll-saw cutting. Rick also shares the sand-shading technique for slightly charring your veneer to define its edges.


Lesson 4. Parquetry Techniques

  • The strict geometry of parquetry can be combined with marquetry for a dramatic effect. Rich explains how to create precise squares, diamonds and hexagons with both hand tools and a power saw. He then demonstrates how to achieve architectural effects and shadows with a highly-grained veneer.


Lesson 5. Assembly

  • Once you've got your marquetry picture assembled, you'll inspect it for gaps and swap out any veneer pieces that don't look the way you want, then sand the gluing surface. Rich shows you how.


Lesson 6. Gluing Process

  • The pressure is on when you attach your marquetry to a thicker substrate for stability. Rich discusses appropriate glues and substrate choices, then demonstrates two ways to apply even pressure across the piece, using clamps or a vacuum sealer.


Lesson 7. Fixing & Sanding

  • Rich walks you through a post-gluing inspection and shows you how to fix problems such as bubbles or excess glue. Then it's time to start removing the veneer tape that has been protecting the front of your composition. Use your choice of scrapers, then move on to sanding, either by hand or with power tools. It's your last chance to swap out veneers using the inlay technique and trim all your edges. Are you ready for the "Aha!" moment? Bring out the mineral oil and use it to reveal the beauty of your marquetry masterpiece.

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