Artisan Bread Making

with Peter Reinhart

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Instructor and author Peter Reinhart's fresh perspective on bread-making goes beyond the recipes and raises your baking skills to another level. Read More…

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Class Description

Let Peter Reinhart, baking instructor at Johnson & Wales University and award-winning author of The Bread Baker's Apprentice, introduce you to bread-making techniques that go beyond the recipes and raise your baking skills to a whole other level. Explore the 12 stages of bread making and learn trade secrets for measuring, mixing, proofing and baking six different types of bread, including supple French bread, rich marble rye and a sweet chocolate babka. Learn to balance time, temperature and ingredients to create delicious, fresh breads in your own kitchen.

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Artisan Bread Making
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Peter Reinhart, baker and author.


Lesson 2. Supplies, Definitions & Steps

  • Peter breaks down the basic supplies and concepts of bread-making.


Lesson 3. Preparing the Dough

  • Learn to make and nurture a standard straight dough.


Lesson 4. Variations & Baking Methods

  • Peter teaches step-by-step instructions to making bread, start to finish.


Lesson 5. Country Variation & Shaping Options

  • Learn a new dough variation and new shaping options.


Lesson 6. Rustic Breads: Part 1

  • Learn the dough preparation for rustic breads like ciabatta and focaccia.


Lesson 7. Rustic Breads: Part 2

  • Finish your rustic breads from the previous lesson.


Lesson 8. Enriched Bread

  • Learn to make a multipurpose dough that can be shaped into rolls and sliceable loaves.


Lesson 9. Marble Rye

  • See and taste the contrast of marble rye.


Lesson 10. Babka

  • Create two delicious breakfast/dessert breads.

"This class is absolutely fantastic. I've been baking for years but learned heaps of new techniques. Peter is a wonderful teacher. This is even better than attending workshops or classes since I can watch it over and over again whenever I need a refresher."
- abbeyjane1
New South Wales, Australia

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Student Projects

Ciabatta by Richard H
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  • Ciabatta
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  • Pull-apart rolls
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  • Walnut Babka
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  • by umyousef
  • Straight Dough Baguette

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