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Acrylic Landscapes Close to Home

with Susan Stillman
Acrylic Landscapes Close to Home
Find inspiration in the world around you—paint dazzling landscapes from photos of your neighborhood with the help of acrylic artist Susan Stillman.

Glimpse into the mind of an experienced artist and discover how her inspiration is photographed and translated into beautiful, jewel-like acrylic paintings. Capture spatial depth using atmospheric perspective, achieve the varieties of green in nearby foliage and create a landscape glowing with warm light. You don't need to travel to exotic locales for landscape inspiration—combine artistic vision and Stillman's acrylic painting techniques to create landscape paintings of your own neighborhood.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Painting With Acrylic

  • Meet Susan Stillman and learn about the tools used in this class.


Lesson 2. Composing a Landscape

  • Learn how Stillman finds inspiration in composing her pieces.


Lesson 3. Preparing to Paint

  • Stillman prepares and primes a wood board for painting and draws in her composition before teaching you useful color terminology.


Lesson 4. Blocking In Color

  • Begin painting in general shapes of color of major objects in your composition.


Lesson 5. The Many Varieties of Green

  • Block in tree shapes and build up your foreground and background treelines.


Lesson 6. Refining Colors and Details

  • Increase the degree of realism to your painting by add value and establishing focal points.


Lesson 7. Developing the Focal Point

  • Refine and add further detail to clapboard house, the main subject of the piece.


Lesson 8. Finishing Touches

  • Complete the painting by adding further light and form to buildings and trees and detailing the foreground.

"Susan is a great teacher and now I feel like I live in the most beautiful neighborhood in existence. Thanks for helping me 'see!'"
avatar - lyndadale

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