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Acrylic Landscape Painting

with Bennett Vadnais
Acrylic Landscape Painting
Expand your horizons in acrylic painting with Bennett Vadnais and learn valuable techniques for color mixing, glazing, texture and detail work.

An acclaimed artist and instructor, Bennett Vadnais draws on classical painting techniques to demonstrate color mixing, glazing, texture and detail work. If you're looking to broaden your palette from oils or watercolors, or even have experience in acrylic, you'll gain fresh insight through observing Vadnais' classically inspired process. After an overview of tube vs. fluid colors, brushes and panel preparation, Vadnais launches into the the creation of a landscape, drawing on extensive training and experience as an artist in classical realism. The intimate studio setting allows you to see close-up how Vadnais transfers a drawing, builds a monochromatic underpainting to establish values, then creates both atmospheric effects and rigorously defined details with with glazes and opaque painting methods.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Meet Bennett Vadnais

  • Meet Bennett Vadnais, learn about the materials you'll use and set up your workspace.


Lesson 2. Transferring the Drawing

  • If you're working from a drawing or photo, see how to transfer important lines and shapes to your canvas.


Lesson 3. Underpainting in Monochrome

  • Establish your painting's light and dark values and develop natural and architectural forms.


Lesson 4. Mixing Colors

  • Understand how colors, tints and glazes differ and how to achieve the look you want.


Lesson 5. Overpainting With Glaze

  • Add layers of color to create the effects of sun and shadow and add depth to the sky.


Lesson 6. Overpainting With Opaque Color

  • Build up foreground and middle-ground shapes with more opacity.


Lesson 7. Developing Natural Forms

  • Build up sky, trees and grasses with layers of color.


Lesson 8. Developing Architectural Forms

  • Refine architectural details with techniques such as dry brushing and hatching.


Lesson 9. Finishing Touches

  • Further refine details, add rough glaze and complete the work.

I really enjoyed the step-by-step building of the painting and the knowledge. The format taught me a lot and I also liked the ability to stop and return at my convenience. Thanks so much, I learned a lot.
avatar - denisegre1776620

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