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A Sports Photography Primer

with Scott Markewitz
A Sports Photography Primer
Up your game with essential sports photography techniques, and capture the energy and excitement of athletes in action!

Get ready to turn your dream sports shots into reality! Join award-winning photographer Scott Markewitz and discover the techniques that have garnered him more than 450 magazine covers. Master exposure essentials and discover how to shoot individuals and teams to showcase every athlete at their best. Create dramatic, dynamic effects by panning or freezing action, and take control of challenging lighting situations — indoors and out. Explore wide-angle and telephoto lenses for diverse images, and switch up your depth of field for new perspectives. Find and frame creative, unexpected compositions, and step up your skills for action-packed shots that impress, inspire and awe!

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Lesson 1. Intro to Sports Photography

  • Meet your instructor, acclaimed sports photographer Scott Markewitz, as he shares the characteristics of a good sports photo and the essential equipment you’ll need to take amazing shots.


Lesson 2. Basics of Sports Photography

  • Learn how to use your camera’s settings and the principles of focus and composition to capture compelling images of athletes.


Lesson 3. Shooting Groups Outdoors

  • Master working with natural light from any direction and learn how to get the most out of flat light. See how framing gets more complicated and essential as you add players in your shot, and use depth of field to create dynamic compositions without distracting backgrounds.


Lesson 4. Shooting Individuals Outdoors

  • Scott shares a study in horizon and perspective as he captures the action at a local skateboard park. Learn how lens selection can change a scene as Scott shoots with wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Scott also shows how strobes can add depth and dimension to photos — even on a sunny day.


Lesson 5. Shooting Indoors

  • Shooting indoors brings new challenges as well as some exciting options. Learn how to adjust your settings for indoors, add motion blur to photos, freeze the action and create dramatic images using strobes. Then, Scott leads a discussion on how to use those techniques outdoors as well.


Lesson 6. Developing Your Vision

  • Sports photography isn’t just about catching the action; it’s also a powerful way to tell stories about the athlete and the sport. Learn how to find inspiration and develop your own style.


Lesson 7. Workflow & Postproduction

  • Learn how using the photo software programs Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom can make quick work of the often arduous process of organizing and color-correcting photos. Scott also shows you some simple yet stunning creative effects that will transform your photos.

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