A New Look at the Crooked Cake

with Colette Peters

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Captivate any audience with classic and modern crooked cakes. Defy gravity and decorate with dynamic quilling techniques to deliver cakes that never fall flat. Read More…

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Class Description

Discover a new angle on decorating as you make imaginative crooked cakes with the design's legendary originator, Colette Peters. Learn about Colette's creative process before you go step by step through carving, covering and stacking the tiers for a classic crooked cake. Then, bring a modern crooked cake to life as Colette guides you through creating and securely assembling tiers of all different shapes and sizes. Plus, Colette will teach you her techniques for embossing and decorating your cake with gum paste vines, leaves, loopy flowers, rolled roses and more. Create gravity-defying designs decorated with vibrant embellishments and bring an air of amazement to any celebration.

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A New Look at the Crooked Cake
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction & Design

  • Meet your instructor, legendary cake artist Colette Peters, and preview the two crooked cakes you will be making in this class. Also, gain valuable design advice from Colette as she walks you through her process for designing and planning these amazing cakes!


Lesson 2. Classic Cake Carving & Covering

  • Dive into your first cake, a classically crooked design, as Colette demonstrates how to taper and angle basic round tiers. Discover which types of cakes and icing work best, pick up carving tips and Colette’s innovative method for not wasting cake as you build up your incline. Finally, Colette demystifies covering a tapered cake in fondant.


Lesson 3. Classic Cake Stacking

  • Now that you’ve carved and covered all three tiers, it’s time to stack and add embossed detail. Learn where to place your dowels and how to custom fit each one for your crooked cake. Then, bring your vision to life as you emboss the stripes and details that will define your cake. Finally, Colette discusses how to hand paint your masterpiece.


Lesson 4. Modern Cake Carving

  • Upend everything you know about topsy-turvy cakes as Colette introduces you to her modern version of this whimsical cake style. Uncover everything that goes in to creating these surreal cakes as Colette demonstrates carving asymmetrical, gravity defying tiers, complete with custom-engineered cake boards.


Lesson 5. Modern Cake Covering

  • Learn Colette’s sure-fire method for calculating how much fondant you’ll need to cover a tier as you apply it to each of your carved pieces. Discover why some tiers need to be covered on the bottom, too, then add additional texture and design as you emboss each tier by hand using a veining tool and circle cutters.


Lesson 6. Modern Cake Stacking

  • It’s time to build your modern cake! Colette shows you what you’ll need to build your own center-pole cake stand, but also shows you a handy product that does the work for you! Learn what you should be using between your tiers (hint: It’s not buttercream!) and get advice about what type of dowels work best.


Lesson 7. Quilled Decorations

  • Enter the world of loopy flowers, ribbon detailing and even two-toned leaves as you explore all of the decorations inspired by paper quilling. Make simple loops, flowers that look like bows and discover how to create fondant strips with different colors on each side. Then, make quilled flowers with pointed petals, curls and even a ribbon rose. Finally, Colette walks you through additional decorations you can make using all of the techniques you learned in this lesson.

"I absolutely love Colette; she is so talented and fun to watch! Colette is thorough and breaks things down so it is easy to learn. I wanted to take a class of hers for so long and this platform has made that possible!"
- MangiaTorta
New York

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Student Projects

Quilled Flower Detail by Colette Peters
  • Photo of Colette Peters
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  • Quilled Flower Detail
Classic Crooked Cake by Colette Peters
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  • Classic Crooked Cake
Modern Crooked Cake by Colette Peters
  • Photo of Colette Peters
  • by Colette Peters
  • Modern Crooked Cake
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  • crooked cake

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