A New Look at Longarm Quilting

with Mandy Leins

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Love your longarm! Get into a quilting groove as you enhance your longarm skills. Plus, learn longarm techniques for binding, appliqué and so much more. Read More…

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Class Rating

(10 reviews)

rated 5 stars

great for longarm and DOMESTIC TOO!

This is a fantastic class. I really learned a lot, several new to me techniques. I think the title lends itself to only longarm quilting, but after watching the class I am so glad I did, because I am a domestic machine quilter and all of these techniques can be done on a domestic too! Take this class and expand your repertoire and have a great time doing it with Mandy!

rated 5 stars

Good basic overview of longarm

Thanks for your informative class. It gives me confidence to try a few new things. I am quite new at longarm quilting, so I need all the help I can get!!

rated 5 stars

Awesome Class

Amanda demonstrated that rather you are a newbie or a seasoned quilter there is always something new to learn. I loved her teaching style. She captured and maintained my attention throughout the class. I really relish the thought of being able to use my longarm for tasks that I would have alternatively taken to my domestic. This might well prove to be a time-saving technique to utilize the longarm to its full potential instead of stopping the creative process to transition from the longarm to ...

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rated 5 stars

Don't own a longarmer but loved the class

All of the exercises can apply to free motion machine quilting on your home machine, too. I really liked the idea of "games" to push yourself to try new things to keep your designs fresh. Her occasional reminder that serendipitous motifs happen and not to view mistakes as diminishing the project is always good to hear.

Also loved the applique and binding lessons. I'm ready to start cutting up scraps to make fuzzy appliques for baby quilts!

rated 5 stars

Great Class

Amanda is very comfortable with the long arm and it shows. She gave a great deal of very useful information for a free class. I also like the fact she did not try and "sell" the Gamill machine. In addition, you get free patterns. What a deal. Thank You!!


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