A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces

with James Peterson

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Master the mother sauces at the heart of French cuisine with whisk-by-whisk instruction from chef and cookbook author James Peterson. Read More…

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Class Rating

(6 reviews)

rated 5 stars

Great course to take at your own pace

This course has great content. I'm an intermediate level home chef but was never able to master some of these sauces. The easy to follow video lessons show all the pitfalls as well as what a successful sauce should look like.

rated 5 stars

A Top Notch Course

I was so pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this course was.. Having no experience cooking with French sauces before, I found the instructor James very thorough. I am not a skilled chef by any means (just someone that can follow an American cookbook) and I thought his explanations on technique, mixing, and what to do when you accidentally "break" a sauce were very thorough. He kept the entire course intriguing by weaving in culinary history, it's progressions, as well his own ...

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rated 5 stars

French foundational skills for the kitchen creative

I purchased "A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces" today intending to watch for a few minutes, but stayed with it all afternoon (and of course had to order the book: Sauces). James Peterson is an excellent instructor. I love his appropriate tone inflections (he's a pleasure to listen to) and the additional tips he gives - especially on the color and consistency you should expect of sauces and any herbs you add in. The intent of the class is to "teach" you to make these on ...

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rated 5 stars


I have enrolled in over 30 Craftsy Classes.This is a definite standout!

I absolutely LOVED James Peterson's " A Modern Take on Mother Sauces"
A phenomenal course!!

I am a Foodie by heart, and a Caterer by profession, and have grown up with his books.

I also have an incredibly busy life with a husband and six children, and would never otherwise have the opportunity to "interact" with a Chef of his caliber, whom, I've also idolized for ...

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Barbara Deckert
rated 5 stars

Technique, Not Recipies!

I enjoyed this class. It took me back to the '70's, when classic French cooking was not a spectator sport. I cooked my way though Julia Child's cookbooks back then, but nobody made a movie about me! Nowadays we like to tell ourselves that we don't have time to make a sauce for the tired hunk of roast meat for dinner, but how much nicer life would be if we did. It takes time to learn how, but then it takes very little time to actually do it. I am inspired to re-watch this video and work my way ...

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