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Shuttle Tatting

with Marilee Rockley
The lost art of shuttle tatting has been found! Marilee Rockley guides you through the steps of this delicate craft, from basic to advanced.

If you've been longing to learn shuttle tatting, or looking for a new craft that's fun, inexpensive and portable, this is the class for you. Marilee's warm and expert instruction will guide you through the tricky parts and send you on your way to creating lacy jewelry and tatted embellishments for quilts, paper crafts and more. You'll learn the basic lark's head knot and double stitch and how to create lace patterns with chains, rings and picots. Marilee shares pattern-reading skills and discusses where to find vintage patterns. She also helps you avoid or fix common mistakes. As a bonus, you'll learn a few more techniques: reverses, joins and beadwork, node stitch and floating and split rings. Use the skills you've learned to make little flowers and butterflies, floret earrings, a classic-edge bracelet, the beaded Rhapsody necklace and parfait snowflakes!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Marilee Rockley, who will show you how simple and beautiful shuttle tatting can be!


Lesson 2. How To Tat Double Stitch


Lesson 3. Chain Ring Picots & Reverse Work


Lesson 4. Reading a Tatting Pattern


Lesson 5. Small Flowers & Butterflies


Lesson 6. Floret Earrings


Lesson 7. Classic Edge Bracelet


Lesson 8. Rhapsody Necklace


Lesson 9. Avoiding a Twisting Picot


Lesson 10. Parfait Snowflake


Lesson 11. Double Scoop Bracelet


Lesson 12. Bonus: Earrings

"I had never heard of shuttle tatting before I saw an advertisement of the 'shuttle tatting course'. I decided to take the course. Not only were the designs beautiful, it was also going to be a challenge to do something I've never done before. ... The course is designed to teach you the basic techniques step by step. The techniques were well-spaced throughout each lesson. Marilee Rockley always commented on all of my designs and always encouraged me. A very wide variety of techniques are covered in this course, which makes it possible to use patterns of all kinds. This course took someone that had never heard of shuttle tatting before and made it possible to enjoy tatting all kinds of patterns. I recommend this course to everyone."
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