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Shoot It!

A Product Photography Primer

with Caro Sheridan
Shoot It!
Need help selling your sweater pattern or any other handmade good online? Caro Sheridan will show you how to compose on-figure fashion photos and capture beautiful product shots.

If you've ever noticed the beautiful product photography on someone's knitting blog, book, or Etsy page, and wondered, "How do they DO that?" this is the class for you. Quality photos make the difference between marketing that sings and stuff that makes you look like a total amateur. Knitter and photographer Caro Sheridan explains it all - from planning before the shoot to editing afterwards, and all the details in between. You don't need expensive software or a super-fancy camera to take great photos -- just the knowledge you'll get in this essential class. Whether you're looking to shoot product pics, or just want to learn more about photography, you will benefit from Caro's upbeat, irreverent and detailed instruction.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Caro Sheridan, who will show you how to photograph your craft and art products to build your craft business.


Lesson 2. Motivations & Style

  • Caro details different motivations for photographers and explains how to achieve your own style.


Lesson 3. Color Theory

  • Learn about the color wheel, color schemes and how to tell a story using color.


Lesson 4. Composition

  • Learn how to frame your photo using compositional guidelines like the rule of thirds and negative space.


Lesson 5. Shoot Prep

  • Caro explains shot lists, permits and model releases you may need and goes over her photography "toolbox" that includes extra memory cards, fashion tape and more.


Lesson 6. The Shoot

  • Learn techniques for coaching your model and setting the mood, then focus on getting detail and hero shots.


Lesson 7. Camera Settings

  • Caro describes what to look for when buying a new camera and explains various photography terms, including shutter speed, depth of field and white balance.


Lesson 8. Editing

  • Go through Caro's photo-reviewing process and find the very best shots from your photo shoot.


Lesson 9. Post Processing

  • Learn photo editing techniques and important considerations photographers have to make, including shooting in RAW or JPEG and editing for Web or for print.


Lesson 10. Bonus: Self-Portrait Tips

  • Caro shares some tips for getting a great self-portrait for an online avatar photo.

"This class was just what I needed right now and totally what I expected. A primer is basically an introduction and that is exactly what this class was. I just purchased a brand new camera to take better photos of my Etsy items. This class gave me a lot of information that I did not know as a novice photographer. It also made me more comfortable with using my photo editing software. Caro is a pleasant speaker and I enjoyed learning from her."
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Saugus, MA

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