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Claudia Miller

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Gardener, cook and mom, Claudia also takes on the role of fierce sewist. She is a teacher at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, Colo. View profile »

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Sewing Machine 911

Sewing Machine 911

with Claudia Miller

Make friends with your sewing machine! Learn how to use it, troubleshoot it and keep it in good shape, in Claudia Miller's free mini-class.

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Familiarize yourself with your sewing machine, one of the most intimidating tools out there, whether you are new or experienced sewer. In this free online Craftsy class, you'll learn all about the typical ills most machines suffer from and how to easily remedy those pesky problems. Gain confidence in troubleshooting your own machine issues with Claudia's tips and tricks. Troubleshoot both vintage and modern machines, new and used -- any sewing machine can be made to sew well when the user understands them correctly. Get to know the ins and outs of your sewing machine, including its basic components, spotting symptoms, knowing when to take your machine to a professional, and much more!


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