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Rigid Heddle Weaving

with Angela Tong
Even if you've never touched a loom, Angela's class will guide you through preparation, the weaving process and finishing techniques.

Rigid heddle weaving is more than fun. It's creative, relaxing and rewarding. When you weave, you bring together different yarns and fabrics and unify them in a single, unique project. Weaving is versatile: Make clothes, accessories and home decor in fibers from plain to fancy. Even if you've never touched a loom before, Angela Tong can teach you to make wonderful projects with rigid heddle weaving. This class will introduce you to two different looms, and guide you through preparation, the weaving process and a range of finishing techniques. You'll have fun and weave beautiful things!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Angela Tong, and learn more about what the class covers.


Lesson 2. Looms


Lesson 3. Warping the Cricket Loom


Lesson 4. Weaving & Finishing on the Cricket


Lesson 5. Winding the Warp on the Kromski Harp


Lesson 6. Warping the Kromski Harp


Lesson 7. Weaving & Hemstitching


Lesson 8. Bonus: Three Different Fringes

"I owned my loom for over a year before this class, but was afraid to use it. I even took a class at a local yarn shop, but by the time I went to warp again, I had forgotten too much. This class goes at just the right pace. I love, love, love being able to go back and rewatch the videos. I will be starting my 4th project soon and I will still have Angela guiding me in the background, although I hope I can pretty much do it on my own. I guess having the video playing is like a security blanket. Thank you for this class."
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