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Paper Arts

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Paper Arts
Learn professional gift-wrapping tips, discover the joy of pop-up greeting cards and spice up your living space with trendy paper decor.

Whether you have gifts to wrap, a home to decorate or cards to send, TV personality Alton Dulaney will teach you how to create fun and easy paper crafting projects. You'll learn advanced gift-wrapping techniques, pop-up and greeting cards, paper flowers, book folding, entertaining and decor projects. Turn everyday materials like old maps, books and brown paper bags into classy book covers, personalized cards and framed works of art. You'll come away with the expert skills to create the tuxedo, purse, and crisscross wraps. Learn how to use tissue paper and card stock to create paper flowers, pompoms and garlands and decorate for holidays or special occasions. For that special party, you'll learn how to create your own pop-up invitations and personalize a bottle of champagne. The paper possibilities are endless!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Alton introduces you to the topics and projects covered in this class.


Lesson 2. Basic Gift Wrapping

  • Learn the three basic rules of gift wrapping, how to wrap a basic box, the ins and outs of tape and paper and basic bows!


Lesson 3. Advanced Gift Wrapping

  • Learn advanced techniques and open a world of creativity. Alton shows you the crisscross wrap, pleating, the tuxedo wrap and the purse wrap.


Lesson 4. Pop-Up & Greeting Cards

  • Learn a number of ways to either dress up a ready-made greeting card, or better yet, make your own. Alton also covers some of the fundamentals of paper engineering, including the Z fold, the spiral fold and the strip fold.


Lesson 5. The Written Word

  • Discover the art of the handwritten letter, learn creative postage displays and see how to make your own envelope liners to dress up any correspondence. Seal the deal with a personal embosser or wax seal.


Lesson 6. Paper Flowers

  • Real flowers fade, but paper flowers last and last. Learn to make several paper flowers including the carnation, spider mum, daffodil and rose.


Lesson 7. Entertaining with Paper

  • Life's moments are meant to be celebrated. Learn several creative techniques for adding paper elements to those events, including how to make a customized label for a champagne bottle.


Lesson 8. The Book

  • There is nothing quite so nostalgic or romantic as a book. Explore the many facets of books, including how to decorate with them, book folding, decoupage, fabulous book covers and eco-friendly book marks.


Lesson 9. Wallpaper

  • Learn the basics of wallpaper as well as creative ways to use it in isolated areas, including door panels book shelves. Alton also shows you a few other ideas for using scraps of wallpaper including for book covers and as gift wrap.


Lesson 10. Paper Decor

  • Alton shows you several ideas of how to incorporate beautiful paper into your environment. Make a lampshade cover with matching switch plate and luminaria with the help of his detailed instruction.


Lesson 11. It's a Wrap

  • It's a wrap. Thanks for taking the Paper Arts course!


Lesson 12. Bonus: Tools of the Trade

  • Every carpenter, engineer, surgeon and jeweler knows that you are only as good as your tools. Alton provides a guide for putting together the basic toolbox you will need to complete most of the projects featured in Paper Arts.

"Stylish and elegant craft projects. Enjoyed the teacher and his materials. Most fun and think it will be more and more fun since so many subjects were covered that the class project possibilities are infinite! This will become a go to on the website for gift ideas. Cheers, and again, take this class, well worth every penny and then some!"
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