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Lace Shawl Design

with Miriam Felton
Lace Shawl Design
Embrace the complexities of lace as you learn to design shawl patterns that flow logically and organically from one stitch pattern to the next.

Designer Miriam Felton shares her methodology and design templates, walking you through every consideration for shawls, from inspiration to planning, construction and beyond. This technique-based course will give you an intimate look at a lace master's mind, showing you how to develop your own design process. Design shawls as simple or complex as you desire, and receive help from Miriam along the way. Get your pencils ready and chart your own path in Lace Shawl Design.


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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Miriam Felton works step-by-step through the process of designing a lace shawl.


Lesson 2. Lace Math

  • Miriam subtracts the fear from lace math with her clear calculations. Get comfortable with the numbers and complex charts.


Lesson 3. Yarn & Needles

  • Learn the difference a yarn or needle gauge can make.


Lesson 4. Charting Repeats

  • Learn to chart repeats for your piece.


Lesson 5. Charting Shapes

  • Triangles, squares and rectangles, oh my! Learn to chart shapes with Miriam's detailed instruction.


Lesson 6. Transitions & Flow

  • Design a piece with smooth transitions for that beautiful flow. Miriam shows you how to make chart modifications and provides examples.


Lesson 7. Embellishing & Adapting

  • Add flourish and customize your design with customized borders and adaptations. Miriam will help you with both the inspiration and execution.


Lesson 8. Starting at the Border

  • Learn to work your way from the border to a complete lace shawl design with Miriam's techniques, tips and tricks.


Lesson 9. Bringing it All Together

  • Tying up all the ends of your design project, Miriam helps you bring it all home.


Lesson 10. Fixing Mistakes

  • Learn quick fixes to common problems: rework a repeat, use a lifeline and pick up missing yarn overs.


Lesson 11. Bonus: Gauge & Swatching

  • Gauge and swatching are subjective, but you'll gain more control with Miriam's tips for measuring gauge in lace.


Lesson 12. Bonus: Yarn Overs

  • Learn to tackle problematic yarn overs with these bonus tips.


Lesson 13. Bonus: Long Cast Ons

  • It won't be long until you've mastered long cast ons with Miriam's insights.

"I really loved this class. Miriam's easy-going approach and style keeps your attention and doesn't overwhelm you with information. For me, the shaping and figuring out how to make the transition to different patterns was something I just couldn't wrap my head around. It made so much sense and I 'got it' pretty much the first time around (though I recommend listening to it more than once!). Great class, I would highly recommend it to beginners and experienced knitters alike."
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