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Mastering Lace Shawls

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with Laura Nelkin
Mastering Lace Shawls
Learn to knit two beautiful lace shawls with Laura Nelkin as she sends you on a lace journey that is out of this world!

Scared to try lace knitting? Intimidated by charts? You'll be on your way to lace artistry with Laura's step-by-step instructions and two included patterns. The Skywalker shawl starts with easy stitch pattern and increases in difficulty. Then you'll be ready for the delicate Clarus! Laura will not only teach you how to knit triangular and semicircular lace shawls, but also will demonstrate how to fix your knitting mistakes. An active knitwear designer, blogger and workshop leader, Laura is the ideal guide for every stage of your lace knitting adventure, from learning to choose yarn and kniting borders and edges to reading multiple charts at once.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Lace knitting guru Laura Nelkin introduces you to the techniques that will allow you to master this class's two shawl projects.


Lesson 2. Learning to Love Lace

  • Learn the fundamentals of yarn selection and working with gauge as you gear up to start your first shawl.


Lesson 3. Working With Lace

  • Learn the essential techniques of lace knitting, from slipping stitches to different forms of increases and decreases.


Lesson 4. Skywalker: Jedi Training

  • Get started on Skywalker, a complex pattern for a semicircular lace shawl.


Lesson 5. Skywalker: Jedi Warrior

  • As your progress towards Yoda status continues, you'll learn to place a lifeline and a new increase, the Star stitch.


Lesson 6. Skywalker: Jedi Master

  • Learn the Planet and Plasma stitches, as well as additional tips for checking your work and fixing mistakes.


Lesson 7. Skywalker: You are Yoda

  • You will learn an edging technique called Nova, a Russian join and how to knit your edging together.


Lesson 8. Blocking Skywalker

  • Laura shows you how to block your Skywalker shawl.


Lesson 9. Meet Clarus

  • Start the triangular Clarus shawl and learn to read two charts together as you knit the foundation row and first section.


Lesson 10. Two Charts Are Better Than One

  • Laura will guide you through the rest of Clarus, teaching you how to place markers and a lifeline in this pattern.


Lesson 11. Completing Clarus

  • In this lesson, you will move through the transition row and border knitting to the grand finale: binding off and blocking your Clarus lace shawl.


Lesson 12. How to Wear a Shawl

  • Around the neck or over the shoulders, these shawls dress up any outfit!

"I have so enjoyed the Mastering Lace Shawls with Laura! The course materials are very thorough and the video tutorials walk you through every stitch and technique. I have learned so much and loved each of the shawls I knit during this class. I really can't say enough good things about the quality of the instruction and the great resources she provides. I felt very confident facing each shawl pattern and loved how each of my finished pieces turned out. It's an amazing class, don't hesitate to sign up!"
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