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Knit Sock Workshop

with Donna Druchunas
Knit Sock Workshop
Donna teaches basic sock knitting, but even experienced sock knitters will pick up new tricks, including the Kitchener stitch and figure-8 cast-on.

Designer and author Donna Druchunas walks you through knitting socks from the ground up. From casting on to binding off, Donna details simple steps to make intricate sock patterns easy and enjoyable. Once you've worn handmade socks, your feet won't be satisfied with anything else. Donna introduces you to knitting from the toe up so you can try on the sock as you knit and adjust the height of the cuff. You will discover two techniques for starting a sock, three different heel techniques, and usefuls tips and tricks like the figure-8 cast-on and stretchy bind-off. Learn to read charts and use double-pointed or circular needles to create lace and stranded colorwork in the round.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Donna Druchunas as she takes the mystery out of knitting socks.


Lesson 2. Charts and Materials

  • Learn the materials and supplies you will need to knit lacy knee socks with a delicate design or a sock in multiple colors in an intricate pattern. You will also get an introduction to reading lace and color charts.


Lesson 3. Anatomy of a Sock

  • Discover all the parts of a sock and how it is constructed.


Lesson 4. Making Socks That Fit

  • See the measurements you need to take and the calculations you need to make to fit your foot perfectly. Work a swatch to get your gauge.


Lesson 5. Knitting the Toes

  • Learn two methods of making sock toes from casting on to increasing around those little piggies.


Lesson 6. Best Foot Forward

  • Discover how the sole of the foot is treated differently than the foot top. Learn to work a lacy pattern and knit with two colors.


Lesson 7. Heel Openings

  • Work the first steps to creating a heel by leaving the hole. Don't worry; you'll fill it in at the end.


Lesson 8. Leg Work

  • Knit up the leg, following either the color pattern or continuing a lace pattern up the calf for knee socks.


Lesson 9. The Afterthought Heel

  • See how easy it is to pick up the stitches from the heel holes and fill in that blank area.


Lesson 10. Finishing the Socks

  • Weaving in the ends, check for gaps, and block the sock.


Lesson 11. Bonus: Knitting Socks on Circular Needles

  • If double pointed needles aren't your cup of tea, try knitting your socks on two circular needles.


Lesson 12. Bonus: The Short Row Heel

  • Try this short row method to knit your heel after the foot and before the leg.

"I can't believe how much I have learned from Donna. Her instructions are clear and concise, the close up views of her knitting along with her dialog made everything understandable and doable for me. ... Thanks Donna."
avatar - cassiek9
South Carolina

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