Knit Original Toe-Up Socks

with Donna Druchunas

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Toe-up knitting is an ancient technique that's attracting new fans. Create your own sock design with different shaping and stitch patterns. Read More…

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Class Rating

(23 reviews)

rated 5 stars

Great learning experience

I found this a very helpful class for learning the math and measurements for socks, along with the countless tips in each lesson. I have a better understanding of how and where to make adjustments and am looking forward to trying the other toe and heel constructions. I love the Craftsy format - and the projects people post are inspiring and helpful when I am picking yarns, colors, designs.

rated 5 stars

Take your time and absorb what Donna is saying and watch over and over in certain sections.

This is an excellent class.

At times I was frustrated with the math; especially for the gusset heel. My impatience was not good. So I got the gusset heel section listened to it 5 times then I drew my sock out along with Donna for the 6th time. Bingo I could figure out when to start the gusset heel.

She knits along with you for the areas that can be confusing and I really like that too.

I like learning the Moccasin Toe. I mainly took the class to learn how to ...

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rated 5 stars

Packed with information and excellent instructions

Oh my, every lesson is so packed with uselfull information that one needs to take a deep breath before starting.
The result: 3 pairs of custom fitted socks for hiking in the high mountains 5 hours daily for 2 weeks and NOT a single blister!

rated 5 stars

You can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

I'm only partway through the course, but am very pleased. I knit most of my socks toe-up, but took this class because she has a couple toes and heels I've never done. I just did the moccasin toe for the very first time and like it better than the wonkiness of the magic cast-on!!!

I've been knitting for years, but find some of the little tips she gives very helpful; I've done Kitchener stitch many times, but always have to look it up. The way she demonstrated it was an ...

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rated 5 stars

I learnt so much

Being a cuff-down sock knitter I really wanted to add toe-up socks to my repertoire. I learnt SO much from this class. I think I am now converted to a toe-up sock knitter.

There is a lot jammed into this course and I needed to check it out a few times before it sunk into my brain. But I have finally got socks that are the correct length for my foot and I don't need to worry about that annoying ladder I would get down the gusset SSK decreases on my cuff-down socks.

Donna ...

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