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Knit Original Toe-Up Socks

with Donna Druchunas
Knit Original Toe-Up Socks
Toe-up knitting is an ancient technique that's attracting new fans. Create your own sock design with different shaping and stitch patterns.

Say goodbye forever to the Kitchener stitch and embrace toe-up knitting, an ancient technique that's quickly gaining new fans. Donna shows you how to create your own sock design by combining different heels and toes with beautiful stitch patterns. Three bonus sock patterns are included. Warm and cozy and cute - that's what your feet will be when you put them in hand-knit socks. Inspired, happy and proud - that's how you'll feel when you're the one who knit them by hand. Ready, willing, and able - that's what Craftsy is when it comes to helping you knit socks from the toe up!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Donna Druchunas and find out all the reasons why toe-up sock knitting is a great technique.


Lesson 2. Anatomy of a Sock

  • Get to know your socks more intimately. Learn about cuffs, legs, heel flaps and turns, gussets, insteps and toes.


Lesson 3. Design Considerations

  • Learn all about construction choices, pattern stitches and all kinds of yarns to make your perfect pair of socks.


Lesson 4. Moccasin Toe

  • This toe-up method creates a six-stitch band that extends across the toe.


Lesson 5. Wedge Toe

  • Learn how to make the wedge-toe, a simple geometric toe.


Lesson 6. Short Row Toe

  • The short row toe uses the wrap-and-turn method of shaping. Learn how to decrease and increase in short rows.


Lesson 7. Afterthought Heels

  • Move on from toes to heels! The afterthought heel involves placing stitches on scrap yarn, then returning to work them later.


Lesson 8. Gusset Heels

  • Move on to a more complicated heel. Gusset heels involve a turn, a heel flap and some shaping for a smooth transition across the instep.


Lesson 9. Short Row Heels

  • Like the short row toe, this heel uses the wrap and turn method to shape a curved heel pocket.


Lesson 10. Sock Planning Worksheet

  • Donna goes over the worksheet and all the measurements and calculations you need to get perfect-fitting socks without trepidation.


Lesson 11. Knit Toe & Foot

  • Get started on your socks! Cast on, work your chosen toe, then work even until you're ready to begin your heel.


Lesson 12. Knit the Heel

  • Customize your socks using the heels you've just learned. Choose the gusset, afterthought or short row heel.


Lesson 13. Knit Leg & Cuff

  • The hard stuff is done! Now you'll learn add stretchy ribbing for the leg of your sock and make the cuff any size you need.


Lesson 14. Finishing

  • A stretchy bind-off and some tricks for invisible finishing wrap up your custom sock adventure.


Lesson 15. Bonus: Two Socks at Once

  • Use two circular needles to create both socks simultaneously, avoiding the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.


Lesson 16. Bonus: Reading Charts

  • Speed your stitch pattern reading by learning how to decipher knitting charts.

"Oh my, every lesson is so packed with uselfull information that one needs to take a deep breath before starting. The result: 3 pairs of custom fitted socks for hiking in the high mountains 5 hours daily for 2 weeks and NOT a single blister!"
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