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Jewelry Workshop

Bead, Wrap, Chain & Etch

with Max Goodman
Jewelry Workshop
Build a broad skill base for getting started making beautiful, timeless jewelry. This is the perfect class for beginners to test many different types of techniques, from beading to wire wrapping and beyond.

Jewelry artist Max Goodman will lead you through four fundamental techniques you can use to create a variety of unique accessories.

Max will show you how to string pearls, stones and beads as you master pearl knotting, as you learn about rhythm and flow in jewelry design. Discover wire wrapping as Max leads an up-close demonstration on how to link various elements using silver wire, then get into chain making — a seemingly intricate process that turns simple metal jump rings into exquisite strands. Finally, Max shares her tips and tricks for photo etching, an exciting technique used to transfer images to metal.

All of the projects in this course are designed for jewelers with a home studio, and include detailed information on tools and materials. Max's expert advice and encouragement will set you on the path to creating your own elegant jewelry.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction & Materials

  • Meet your teacher, Max Goodman, as she leads a discussion on the four different jewelry-making processes covered in the course as well as the materials needed for each process.


Lesson 2. Pearl Knotting: Introduction

  • Learn the tools and materials you'll need in order to knot pearls successfully and how to use this technique on a variety of pieces.


Lesson 3. Pearl Knotting: Making Knots

  • Follow the process of knotting pearls into a bracelet or necklace, including tips on how to avoid mistakes and ways to make things easier on yourself.


Lesson 4. Pearl Knotting: Finishing

  • Explore different clasps as Max demonstrates how to tie on a clasp and how to finish the piece so it will last.


Lesson 5. Wire Wrapping: Introduction

  • Discover how to match your wire with your beads so that everything works together and learn several wire-wrapping techniques to create a wide assortment of pieces.


Lesson 6. Wire Wrapping: Using Headpins

  • Learn how to size headpins, how to wrap them to various types of jewelry and how you can use headpins to add complexity within a relatively simple pattern.


Lesson 7. Wire Wrapping: Using Briolettes

  • Discover what makes briolettes unique, along with how to wrap them correctly and how to fit them to an earring or to a chain that will become either a bracelet or a necklace.


Lesson 8. Chain Making: Introduction

  • Master a simple chain-making technique as Max shows you some beautiful pieces that you can create using only pliers and some metal rings. You'll learn step by step the process for building a simple chain from scratch.


Lesson 9. Chain Making: Bird's Nest Chain

  • Build upon your chain making skills as Max demonstrates the more complex pattern of the Bird's Nest chain and shows you some ideas for adding elegance and custom elements to your pieces.


Lesson 10. Chain Making: Chain Maille

  • Learn the proper process for making chain maille, a form of jewelry derived from a style of medieval armor. You'll learn how to create a beautiful fabric-like appearance using metal rings.


Lesson 11. Chain Making: Jump Rings

  • Make your own jump rings from scratch as Max discusses why you would want to make your own, as opposed to buying machine-made jump rings.


Lesson 12. Photo Etching: Introduction

  • Max introduces you to the exciting and versatile process of photo etching and its many applications for making jewelry. Create patterns to be etched into metal and review the safety precautions required for this process.


Lesson 13. Photo Etching: Finishing

  • See how the etching process works on copper alloys, how to polish and fix your piece and how to ensure you have a successful piece when you're finished.

Max is a great teacher. The material is very well organized and logical and Max shows things clearly. This is my first Craftsy class, I'm just not one to take video courses, but this one has changed my mind! I've discovered that I love working with jump rings. Who knew?
avatar - mckennalinn
DeLand, FL

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