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Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit

with Kenneth D. King
Recreate your favorite jeans without taking them apart. Couturier Kenneth D. King teaches this amazing class, full of couture sewing techniques.
You’ll learn fitting and pattern alteration as you turn your jeans into a blueprint without taking them apart. Kenneth demonstrates his ingenious method to create a pattern that lets you make pair after pair of fun, flattering pants in any fabric, from casual to dressy, for women or men. In 11 lessons, he’ll walk you through measuring, drafting and construction. You’ll also be privy to construction tips picked up during Kenneth’s years of couture sewing — things that make complex details a total breeze.
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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Kenneth D. King, who will show you how to use your favorite jeans to create new trousers that fit like a dream, without destroying the original garment.


Lesson 2. Preparing the Model Fit

  • Start with your favorite jeans and outline all the seams and features in thread basting.


Lesson 3. Creating the Draft

  • Using silk organza, you'll trace the thread markings on your jeans to copy them.


Lesson 4. Testing the Draft

  • Make a muslin based on your draft and check the fit to see how it matches.


Lesson 5. Correcting the Draft

  • Make alterations to your pattern based on the muslin fitting.


Lesson 6. Draft to Pattern

  • Now the organza draft becomes a paper pattern.


Lesson 7. Back Pockets & Yoke

  • Sew the back pockets and top yoke onto the two back leg pieces.


Lesson 8. Front Pockets

  • Kenneth guides you through the front pocket assembly as it is attached to the front leg pieces.


Lesson 9. Fly Front & Zipper

  • Navigate through this tricky construction to make the classic fly front and shorten the zipper to the perfect length.


Lesson 10. Final Assembly

  • Sew the inseam and the long seams to turn pieces into pants. Finish it off with a beautiful topstitch.


Lesson 11. Finishing Details

  • Attend to the finishing details on your perfect pair of jeans. Install the waistband, finish the ends, add the belt loops, hem and more.

I just loved this class. Although I have made jeans before, you can always glean new information, and this class is full of that. I loved using the organza for the pattern, and the technique for the zipper was new and better than what I had learned to do. Thank you, Kenneth, for a great class. I am a visual learner, so this really was wonderful for me.
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