Handcrafted Sugar Flowers

with Jacqueline Butler

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Awe your friends and family by creating delicate hydrangeas with Jacqueline Butler's skilled instruction and easy, effective techniques. Read More…

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Class Description

Awe your friends and family by creating delicate and exceptionally lifelike sugar flowers. With Jacqueline's easy instruction and highly effective techniques, you will craft magical sugar flowers for desserts, holidays or any special occasion. Bring a few basic ingredients together to make gum paste, and discover the supplies and tools that pastry professionals use. You'll learn to mold, dust, wire, paint and finish hydrangea flowers, filler flowers, buds and leaves. Once you master these techniques, you can customize and create flowers of all kinds - your imagination is the limit!

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Handcrafted Sugar Flowers
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Jacqueline Butler from Petalsweet, a custom cake design shop in La Jolla, California. Then discover an overview of how you will make beautiful, lifelike sugar flowers in this class.


Lesson 2. Tools

  • In this lesson, Jacqueline goes over the tools, supplies, work surfaces and materials you need to create handcrafted sugar flowers.


Lesson 3. Making Gum Paste

  • Stunning flowers start with the foundation they're made from: perfectly made gum paste. Discover how to make, mix, knead and store gum paste, with professional tips that will help you achieve the texture and look that you want.


Lesson 4. Coloring Gum Paste

  • Jacqueline shares her secrets for creating lifelike colors with tylose gum paste, including professional tips on how to add the correct amount and preserve the colors that you've created.


Lesson 5. Hydrangea Buds & Centers

  • Now that you've mastered the foundations, the fun begins! In this lesson, you'll begin creating your sugar flower bouquet with the delicate buds and centers for your hydrangea blossoms.


Lesson 6. Hydrangea Petals

  • Using cutters and veiners, you'll create gorgeous hydrangea petals in a rainbow of colors as you experiment with rolling, cutting and ruffling techniques.


Lesson 7. Leaves

  • Cut, vein, shape, color and finish the lifelike leaves that will make your hydrangea display complete.


Lesson 8. Five-Petal Filler Flowers

  • Create delicate gum paste flowers with royal icing centers to round out your sugar flower cake display.


Lesson 9. Filler Leaves & Buds

  • Prep the wire, create miniature leaves, and finish your spray of flowers with delicate buds and tiny green leaves.


Lesson 10. Dusting & Glazing

  • Jacqueline demonstrates how adding dust adds rich color and delicate accents that make your sugar flower cake decor look realistic. Then add a coat of glaze to create a lifelike sheen.


Lesson 11. Arranging

  • Jacqueline finishes her sugar flower cake decor class by showing you how to make beautiful arrangements to add floral elegance to any cake, cupcake or dessert!

"I can't praise this class highly enough. Jacqueline is a brilliant instructor and goes into a lot of detail. The flowers you create have so many uses. I had no bother getting the equipment she uses and the gumpaste recipe is great - I gave it a shot and now make my own all the time, saving a lot of money. I highly recommend this class."
- Clabby

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