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Perfect for the beginning crocheter, this fun class teaches you basic crochet stitches and how to put them together to create anything. Read More…

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Class Description

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NOTE: This course now features student-led (rather than instructor-led) discussion only. If you have questions, one of the many experienced crocheters in Crochet Lab surely will have the answer!

Whether you've never touched a crochet hook before, or you're looking to refresh your skills, Crochet Lab with Vickie Howell will have you crocheting like a pro in no time at all. Vickie guides you through the basics of crochet: picking the right yarn and hooks, basic stitches, and how to put it all together. You'll finish with the skills to create wonderful items, and the courage to express your individual style. Vickie crochets along with you, from your very first slip knot, through an assortment of projects.

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Vickie Howell, as she explains the tools available to you on Craftsy and highlights the features of the online Crochet Lab community.


Lesson 2. Materials

  • Learn the pros and cons of working with different types of yarn and hooks.


Lesson 3. Chain Making

  • Vickie demonstrates the fundamental skill of chain making, which will put you on the right track for learning any and all other types of crochet stitches.


Lesson 4. Single Crochet

  • Vickie walks you through your first real stitch: the single crochet. In single crochet, you'll build on your knowledge of chain making to create a tight, durable stitch, and Vickie will give you some ideas for how you can start using it to create cool projects right away.


Lesson 5. Double Crochet

  • Build on what you’ve learned as you tackle double crochet and take things up a notch in complexity. Learn some fun and simple projects that you can create using double crochet.


Lesson 6. Techie Cozy

  • Create your first project: a techie cozy for your phone, music player or camera. Vickie will stitch the pattern with you, and when you're done, she'll show you how to add an accent color and a button.


Lesson 7. Gauge

  • Learn to measure gauge on a swatch and how you can use gauge to make your projects accurate and precise.


Lesson 8. Half Double Crochet

  • Vickie introduces half double crochet, a stitch in between single and double crochet in terms of size and number of steps. Learn to swatch this versatile stitch that adds texture and depth to a project.


Lesson 9. Granny Squares

  • Put everything together as you make your first granny square! Vickie will show you how to finish off the ends and block your squares and how to use them in home decoration, blankets and clothing.

"I have a pile of how to crochet books, still this one technique evaded me. I even got my engineer husband to go through the 'how to crochet' references I had access to, to work out what it was I needed to do and then show me (that is how I learnt to knit). Brain, hook and hands would not engage. Then I found Vickie Howell and Crochet Lab. I can now single crochet! The lessons were perfect for me. For the tricky bits, I just stopped the video, slid it back a few seconds to watch again, and did this as often as it took to get it. Vickie is engaging, passionate and left nothing to chance in her lessons. This made me connect with her. Thank you, at last I can crochet!”
- Sewkarma
Surrey, UK

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Student Projects

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