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Hats Four Ways

Circular Knit Lab

with Stefanie Japel
Hats Four Ways
You’ll learn how to knit a hat with circular needles as you construct this cute and colorful collection.

Well-loved knitwear designer Stefanie Japel shares her "purls" of wisdom with you as she teaches you to knit three unique styles of hats. Circular Knit Lab begins with essential information about circular needles and knitting in the round, including choosing supplies and creating the perfect circumference for any size head. Learn how to increase and decrease in the round, blocking, making jogless joins, and adding fun embellishments like embroidery to your custom-fit hats. You'll learn to knit hats using four different circular knitting techniques. At the end of the course you'll have come full circle and have knitted three hats to wear or give as gifts.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Stefanie introduces herself and goes over all the fun things you'll learn. She also describes the tools and materials you'll need to get started.


Lesson 2. Perfect Circumference

  • Stefanie walks you through using your gauge swatch to determine the stitch count to make for a perfect fit.


Lesson 3. Sweet Pea: Cast On

  • Learn how to cast on using a circular needle and how to create a jogless purl ridge, which helps you stop your stockinette stitches from curling into infinity.


Lesson 4. Sweet Pea: Decrease

  • Stefanie explains how to start decreasing to create the shape of your hat so that it fits correctly on the wearer's head. She also shows you how to transfer your knitting onto three double-pointed needles in order to do your decreases.


Lesson 5. Sweet Pea: Finishing

  • Learn how to finish your hat and how to add circular cording at the top for a cute effect. Stefanie will also show you how to weave in your ends so that your stitches will be secure, your ends invisible and your hat durable.


Lesson 6. Wheeler: Cast On

  • Begin the Wheeler hat by working in the round using two circular needles, and then work a jogless purl row.


Lesson 7. Wheeler: Decrease

  • Add a new color and learn how to make a jogless stripe and carry your yarn up from a lower row. Stefanie shows you how to transfer your stitches to a circular needle, knit in the round and decrease your stitches to the top of the Wheeler hat.


Lesson 8. Rosie: Ribbing Cast-On

  • Start the Rosie hat with a ribbing around the bottom, then increase the number of stitches to get the shape of the hat and start building the stylish cables that go from top to bottom.


Lesson 9. Rosie: Crossing Cables

  • Here you'll learn how to cross cables, a traditional knitting technique with a long, rich history. You'll also see how to rearrange your stitch markers for the next step: Decreasing.


Lesson 10. Rosie: Decrease

  • Stefanie walks you through the symmetrical decrease that creates a beautiful top to your Rosie hat. You'll learn how to decrease while maintaining the form of your cables as well as finishing your hat.


Lesson 11. Blocking

  • Stefanie shows you how to form your hats to fit beautifully and some of the different techniques used to fit a hat once it's made.


Lesson 12. Embellishments

  • Stefanie will show you some fun and cute ways to embellish your newly made hats. You'll learn how to add some simple embroidery and how to make a tassel and a pompom.


Lesson 13. Bonus: Drop Stitch

  • Learn how to fix a dropped stitch with Stefanie's step-by-step instruction.


Lesson 14. Bonus: Casting On Double Pointed Needles

  • A quick tutorial that will show you how to cast on to double-pointed needles.


Lesson 15. Bloopers & Credits

  • Outtakes from Circular Knit Lab: Hats Four Ways.

"I really enjoy all of Stefanie's classes here on Craftsy. Stefanie is such a wonderful instructor and very clear on her directions. I have always wondered about the magic loop method and knitting on two circular needles and Stefanie has broken down the steps so it is easy to understand."
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